Solar charging iPad case to keep your iPad juiced up

Worried of getting your iPad’s battery down on the go? Well, don’t fret up; you have a Solar Charging iPad Case from Hammacher Schlemmer, which can keep your iPad charged constantly from sunlight. Besides protecting your precious tablet from scratches and falls, the Hammacher Schlemmer’s iPad case produces the required power for the tablets. Indeed, it is a superb eco friendly product as it reduces enormous dependency on electricity for charging the tablet.

Solar iPad Case

Thanks to an integrated battery, the Solar Charging iPad Case can also store power for your iPad for 10 days. The case’s top cover is made with an innovative photovoltaic ink, which generates energy when it is exposed to light both outdoors and indoors. This is what the most unique thing with this solar-featured iPad 2 case.

What’s more, the iPad 2 case comes with an integrated stainless steel stand that will help you rest your tablet at an optimal 15º angle. Thus, you can enjoy movies and type text easily. Moreover, the Solar Charging iPad Case sports a USB port that you can use to draw power from its built-in battery to charge connected devices like smartphones, Bluetooth earpieces, MP3 players or others.

An integrated HDMI output is there to allow users to stream content from the tablet to HDTVs or other large displays. Hammacher Schlemmer sells the solar-mounted iPad case for a price around $199.95. According to the firm, the case is also compatible for the new iPad. Get a piece of this amazing solar iPad case, which will keep your iPad live always as well protect it from external shocks.

Via: ChipChick

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