Best eco friendly concept music players

Concept music player

Each one of us loves some or the other sort of music. Music is a continuously evolving industry and the way we listen to music has completely changed. We’re gradually moving into an era where music and music devices should be essentially green if these have to cater to the eco conscious masses.

Here we’ve listed some most amazing concept music players that will make sure we’re only listening to sustainable tunes:

1. Sony Eclipse concept MP3 player churns out sustainable music

Sony Eclipse concept music player

This solar powered mp3 player is the way to go in today’s polluted world. The player uses its photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into power. It can be attached to a window during the day for energy absorption. The player also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy music transfer.

2. Kinetic MP3 player concept

Kinetic MP3 player concept

This player has been designed by Matthew Smith and it uses kinetic energy to work. The player is mostly meant for running where the process of running creates the energy it requires to function. It also has a joystick for easy navigation. It also has in built features allowing users to read their heart rate while exercising.

3. Skinny music player concept is powered by body heat

Skinny music player concept

This device has been designed by Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu and converts body heat into energy for its functioning. It has flexible speakers and the music can be enjoyed without connecting any earphones to it. The player is extremely handy and even when it gets dirty, one can simply clean it with a damp cloth.

4. Spin and play MP3 player concept

Spin and play MP3 player

This mp3 player by designer Nicolas Cinguion, looks like a yo-yo and a takes a completely different spin when it comes to music. The energy to run it is created by pulling the attached string. This player is ideal for all those people who love to play with their gadgets.

5. Chukka Kinetic Music Player

Chukka Kinetic Music Player

The brainchild of Tom Mascall, the Chukka has an electromagnetic inducer that on vibration or movement produces a charge that is used to run this player. The player has 2-4 GB of memory and consists of a headphone socket and an input for loading more songs.

6. Regen – Music Player in the guise of a Yo-Yo Toy

Regen Music Player

This music player too looks just like a yo-yo and works like one too. It’s fun to play with and just 12-14 throws will recharge the player enough to last for about an hour. This player is sure to bring out the child in you… in a green way!

7. Shake MP3 Player – Charged by the Motion of Your Body

Shake MP3 Player

This device works simply by shaking it. All you need to do is put it in your pocket, press the hold button and shake a little. Kinetic energy is produced and that recharges this player. Imagine going for a run or going dancing. While doing that, you actually act as a charging socket for your music player. Well, this player makes that possible.

8. Self Powering MP3 Player

Self Powering MP3 Player

Zhiliang Chen from Hong Kong has designed this player using an old and forgotten self empowering technology. The technology was forgotten because it has low efficiency, but today’s low energy consuming technology will work great with this device.

9. Walnut MP3 Player concept offers melodious tunes when rolled

Walnut MP3 Player concept

This Walnut mp3 player has 2 spherical pieces that create energy when rubbed against each other. The idea is inspired by the looks of a walnut but does not get mossy like it. The device also creates energy when the button for the player is pressed or the player is moved in some way.

10. Dancepants Media Player Powered by Kinetic Energy Source

Dancepants Media Player

This amazing mp3 player uses the movement of your feet to create energy. The music motivates you to move, and the movement charges the device. So while you’re running or dancing or moving your feet in some way, the battery keeps getting kinetic energy and keeps getting charged.

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