San Francisco artist embosses sand with beautiful ‘Earthscape paintings’

No matter how abstract the world of art is or how metaphorically we interpret it; it always manages to inspire us and awe us. For landscape artist Andres Amador, his art is a way of expressing the realities of human experiences through patterns engraved on beach sands. His impermanent sand designs, cover enormous stretches on the beach and often get washed away within seconds of being photographed. No extraneous raw material, no paint, no canvas and yet he creates ‘Earthscape paintings’ that are exhilarating.

Impermanent Sand Paintings

Andres works on beaches with large and shallow sands, where there is a great difference between high and low tide. We all know that beaches are quiet seasonal in their appearance, and every visit makes them look different. Andres exploits this chaos for crafting beautiful sand art, giving the sand patterns, which seem out of the world.

His work has given him a special place in the world of marriage proposals, where he has designed several elaborate drawings that have been photographed from an elevated distance and printed as invitations.

Andres also took part in the Island of Jersey’s World Beach Art festival and the design that is embossed in the sand is beyond a 1000 words. The design starts from the back of the cave and moves ahead interacting with rocks, twining into vines and flowers floating on sand.

The impermanence of this art leaves an everlasting impression on the onlookers, they are sure not to have seen anything like this. It makes them realize that without tampering with the environment or using harmful materials also, we can create art worth cherishing.

Via: Thisiscolossal

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