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Chinese students create an electric car covered in more than 10,000 cigarette packs!

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We here at EcoFriend have written about a slew of Chinese architectural projects that bank on their grandeur as well as sustainability. However this time around, for a change, we are witness to the frolicsome nature of the Chinese, albeit fused with some conscientiously ‘green’ thinking. This is because; we have come across the electrically driven ‘Tobacco Car’, built ingeniously by five engineering students.

10,280 cigarette packs car

Showcased in the city of Xi’an, in China’s western province of Shanxi, the entire car is covered in around a whopping 10,280 cigarette packs. However, readers shouldn’t be confused about the structure of the main internal chassis belonging to this eccentrically conceived vehicle. According to the designers, they first furnished a solid framework built out of fully recycled steel. Then they went on to add various vehicular components like a storage battery, an electric motor, braking system and gear box. Finally, the completed open chassis of the car along with the wheel rims were draped in the conspicuously visible cigarette packs.

But, beyond the bizarre yet unique visual factor, we did mention that the students were on a conscientious mission. This is because their heartfelt skills transformed their rudimentary sketched idea into a full blown, maneuverable electric automobile. And what was the purpose of it all? Well, according to them, the half ton, low emission car will pose as the mechanical ambassador for various anti smoking campaigns.

Via: DailyMail

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