Renewable Energy

7 interesting renewable energy ideas promising a greener planet

It is a well-known fact that the conventional energy resources of our planet are on the verge of extinction. Fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, crude oil etc that are being used to generate useful energy are slowly getting exhausted day by day. Therefo

Five ways companies are providing renewable energy to the grid

world is pursuing the holy grail of renewable energy to reduce dependence on
fossil fuels. Many large corporations are beginning to install solar modules on
their roof tops or investing in other renewable energy projects. The one
problem with renewabl

Five things you should know about energy storage

We all can sense that energy storage market will have a prominent
place in the future market, but how much share will it occupy and what value
will be ascribed to it , still remains unanswered. Whether developers will be
able to give us reliable and affor

Top 5 innovations in renewable energy that can change the world

Once again, fuel prices are on rise. Most of the oil based gulf countries have realized that their economy will suffer a great collapse when all their oil drains out. Therefore, they have increased the crude oil prices leading to the price rise of petro

5 Solar powered bags for kids who think green

If you are worrying about your gadgets being drained of charge and wish you had an easy portable way to charge up your gadgets then here comes a line of ecofriendly bags which will make your “drained of charge “ issue a thing of the past and that too

7 most innovative European renewable energy generating ideas

European Union ranks number two in the world in developing as well as operating renewable energy power plants through the length and breadth of the European Union. They are currently experimenting with all possible sources of renewable energy including so

5 Curtains that help to save and generate renewable energy

The concept of renewable energy is fast catching up. People are no more afraid of investing in these sources due to practical reasons. Manufacturers are also devising newer ways of keeping abreast with green technologies. The solar energy harnessing curta

5 Wave power projects designed to save our world

The wave energy these days has become a major source of generating electricity without creating any disturbance or polluting the environment. As we know the earth’s surface is mostly covered with water, the wave energy has vast applications. In the presen

5 Reasons why you should install solar panels for your home

While we all are adequately blessed with electric energy throughout the year, chances of that being the same in the near future look very bleak. Moreover with the way electricity prices are rising, it is getting increasingly unaffordable for many people.

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