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5 Curtains that help to save and generate renewable energy

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Energy saving and generating curtains

The concept of renewable energy is fast catching up. People are no more afraid of investing in these sources due to practical reasons. Manufacturers are also devising newer ways of keeping abreast with green technologies. The solar energy harnessing curtains are the new one on the block.

Though it’s a high cost technology but it serves a great purpose by providing for the power consumption of the house with no extra space required for it. The ever increasing prices and erratic supply of electricity will see a solution with the solar curtains concept.

Here is a list of a few of them.

1. Solar curtains new energy saving concept

Solar curtains concept

These solar curtains can be used for converting the sunlight into electricity throughout the day. The electricity stored can be used to charge the mobile phones, ipods etc. in the night. It is a great concept. The availability of a power plant in your home with no costs to pay for it ever. It has an inbuilt sockets wherein the electricals and batteries can be charged. It also has a battery indicator which gives an idea of its level of storehouse of energy.

2. Concept curtains woven with photovoltaic panels

Concept curtains woven

Astrid Krogh has designed a concept in which the curtains are woven with solar cells. This not only completely blocks the heat from sun but also convert into power, thereby generating free power for the users. It is called Sun Tiles and it also helps in keeping the interiors heated while it is cold outside. It is a great utility in cold seasons. It saves the power required for running heater and at the same time provides extra power for lighting or other purposes.

3. Solar modules bring a curtain of sustainable lighting to your home

Solar modules curtain

The researchers at Integral Studio Vinaccia created a concept in which the ceramic tiles are inculcated with solar cells. It is a great concept for solar lighting as there is no more fuss about keeping the lights outside only for charging. Now it is possible to enjoy solar lighting in the comforts of your house. These tiles can be weaved into beautiful curtains. They give a ornamental and a very sleek look.

4. Energy Curtain stops daylight to illuminate interiors after dark

Energy Curtain

The designers Anders Ernevi, Margot Jacobs, Ramia Mazé, Carolin Müller, Johan Redström and Linda Worbin have created a spectacular concept of curtains which can be used for generating solar energy during day and provides glowing lighting at night. The lighting at night will work only for as many hours as the curtains were charged for. It is a great utility item.

5. Solar Harvesting curtain Energize ‘Soft House’

Solar Harvesting curtain

Sheila Kennedy, an architect, has devised a wonderful concept under which the curtains are integrated with electricity producing system through sunlight. A Softhouse has been designed by her team in which the curtains can produce 16,000 watt- hours of power. The concept may take a long time to become a reality. The amount of energy predicted to be produced by this concept is huge and it can lead to a major revolution in the field of solar power generation within the house. The solar panels used in this concept are produced from organic photovoltaic cells. They are deemed to be less efficient than the silicon based cells but there is way through which they can be modified without going over the whole process again.

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