5 Wave power projects designed to save our world

wave power projects

The wave energy these days has become a major source of generating electricity without creating any disturbance or polluting the environment. As we know the earth’s surface is mostly covered with water, the wave energy has vast applications. In the present scenario, various wave projects are undertaken to utilize the wave energy effectively.

The waves of the water are used as a source to move a turbine which in turn rotates the generator and produces electricity. So here is a list of 5 wave power projects designed to save our world.

1. World’s first wave power plant takes shape off the coast of Portugal

World’s first wave power plant

The Portugal has taken a step forward toward green energy production and developed the world’s first wave power plant. This plant has a capacity of producing 2.25 MW of energy without imparting any harmful effect on environment. It produces complete ecofriendly and clean energy by using waves as a source. This wave plant was set up on Portugal’s coast and it includes three giant rubber tubes to harness the wave energy and convert it into electrical energy. This wave power plant is partially submerged and is 3.5 m in diameter with a length of 140 m. These individual plants can produce 750 KW of clean energy. The company is planning to increase the production capability to 21 MW.

2. Bridgwater Bay tidal lagoon wave power project

Bridgwater Bay tidal lagoon

The ‘Bridgwater Bay Tidal Lagoons’ project is one of the most anticipated projects which is based on a wave power concept. This project is selected from the ten best wave power projects examined during the last six months. This project would stretch across estuary from Brean Down to Hinkley Point. This project is estimated to generate 2.6 TWh of power per year. According to the project developers this project will be less damaging to wildlife than barrage schemes. The estimated cost of the project is assumed to be between £3.4-£4.1 bn. This project after its completion will surely be one of the best wave project ever made.

3. World’s largest tidal power project coming to Korea

largest tidal power project

Next is the Tidal power project which is going to be started in Korea. This project is believed to be the largest Tidal power plant until date. The project is being developed by Lunar Energy that would create a 300-turbine field in the Wando Hoenggan Water Way off the South Korean coast by 2015. The project is estimated to produce 300 MW of clean and ecofriendly energy that can be used on a large scale to provide electricity. It is estimated that the energy produced through this plant can light up 2, 00,000 homes.

4. MIT develops innovative pilot wave power plant in Portugal

pilot wave power plant

Next up is the Innovative power plant that is being developed by MIT. This project is set up in Portugal and is estimated to generate 750 KW of power per year. This energy can be used to light up approximately 750 homes. The project is being developed by professor Chiang Mei and his colleagues who are currently working at MIT. The project developed by his team can actually predict the wave forces and guide the various design decisions that can be implemented to convert the captured mechanical energy into electrical energy.

5. Scotland’s new wave energy plant to power 13,000 households

wave energy plant

This wave energy power plant has the capability of generating approximately 200 MW of power. The wave energy power plant which is being developed by Pelamis has teamed up with European energy giant Vattenfall. And now the power plant will be developing approximately $100 million worth of wave energy every year. The new project, dubbed Aegir, will be generating 200 MW of power which will satisfy renewable electricity need of 13 000 households per year.

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