Recycle printed paper with laser powered device that will vaporize ink

Although data storage devices like memory cards, hard disks and various other forms of portable and integrated devices are gradually replacing the use of paper, huge piles of sheets are collecting dust in office warehouses and house basements. In fact, even today paper remains an indispensable resource. And, this necessitates that we must propagate reusing of paper. Intrigued by the plans of researchers at the University of Cambridge, we are here, to discuss about their latest endeavor of using a laser powered device that will recycle paper.

New Laser-Powered Device Lets You Recycle Paper by Vaporizing Ink

Of course, recycling the same bit of paper cannot be done forever; it is limited to being reused about three times, before it becomes waste. And, considering the amount of paper we use, reusing that same piece of paper for three times seems better than no reuse at all.

The new technique developed by the Cambridge researchers is based on laser technology and when set at a particular wavelength, a 532 nanometers in this case; the text on paper will vaporize ink, leaving behind plain paper ready for reuse.

Unlike other such devices that use special inks with specific colors, you will not require any particular toner or ink for this one. The concept still requires a few more updating, like integration with a copier or a printer, which would make it even more useful. If you are looking forward to contribute in saving the environment, don’t forget that using paper cautiously will certainly add to your overall efforts.

Via: Techland

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