5 green products designed to monitor energy use in your house


The increase in demand of energy globally has resulted in development of devices and home appliances that are more energy-efficient. This green technology is being adopted to save the fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources.

The best energy-efficient devices are being produced for daily use as they can save energy to a large extent. People across the world believe that the energy dissipated in excess needs to be monitored in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels for producing power. Here is a list of 5 green products that are designed to monitor energy use in your house.

1. Intelligent energy saving device monitors and takes action

Intelligent standby energy saver

This award winning energy saving device is one of the best energy-efficient devices available in market. The device monitors the amount of energy being consumed by the household appliances and also provides ways of saving energy by taking appropriate steps. The device automatically disconnects the power when the appliances are not in use. The system of the device is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that keeps the system informed about the amount of energy being consumed by the attached appliances.

2. O.E.I: Egg-shaped device monitors energy consumption intelligently


This egg shaped devices is a perfect energy saving device with its intelligent system and user-friendly interface. This is actually an egg-shaped energy monitor that lets you see the energy consumption details of the house and provides apt information for ways of overcoming the energy consumption problems. It makes use of radio frequencies to receive information about energy consumption and power lines to reduce the mess around caused by cables. The Our Energy Information (O.E.I) is designed specially to provide real time stats so that equivalent steps can be taken to reduce the consumption of energy.

3. Wilting Flowers change their mood according to your energy consumption

Wilting Flowers

The wilting flower is the next device that is creating a buzz around in market for its unique energy saving techniques and super cool looks. It provides a visual information of the amount of energy being consumed by different appliances in your house. The flowers look so beautiful that nobody can say these are actually energy saving equipments. This design by Carl Smith is very attractive. The flowers use a wireless transmitter and a monitor to perform its operations. It monitors the energy used by appliances and keeps a note on the devices that are not in use and disconnects it automatically. Its main feature is that, according to the energy consumption of the house the flowers change their shape and color. When you are high on energy, these flowers stand straight and tall and if its low then the flower bend down to show the average power consumption.

4. eMetric: Monitoring energy consumption wirelessly


It is a complete wireless technology device which provides information about the energy consumption of a house by keeping a close look at the appliances energy consumption. This is actually an office management system that allows consumers and workers to keep a check on their energy usage. This device is available in two modules; one is eMetric Powerstrip and the other is eMetric computer application. The power strip is connected to the computer through a wireless gateway and allows user to get the required information about the energy consumed by appliances. It provides an immediate response that adds to its popularity. As a whole, the device is good and above average for its power consumption capabilities.

5. Plogg-Blu: The energy monitoring pet for your den


The next big device in the energy consumption industry is the Plogg-Blu which is called as a pet device for your den. Falling into the category of energy consumption devices, it provides you information about various devices running in your house but it cannot bear all your household appliances. This cute, compact, and gorgeous device is what people prefer keeping other than those bulky measuring instruments. It is designed to measure consumption of only one set of device like Computer, Audio system etc. but it doesn’t support multiple devices. Portable, easy to use and handy is what makes it a perfect device for measuring single device power consumption. It uses an adapter that is plugged in the socket of the device and instantly sends the power consumed by that respective device.

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