Just Soaps: Good for earth, Good for your skin!

Just Soaps

Natural products are the latest craze these days. Soaps that are chemical free and those that use natural ingredients are becoming popular as they are mild on the skin and are non-allergic. Commercial soaps cause the skin to dry as they use chemicals that take away the natural moisture of the skin.

Would you like to try Just soap that not only uses natural ingredients but uses a bicycle to blend it? Founder Frederick Breeden – a biking enthusiast and environmentalist – came up with an efficient and eco-friendly method of mixing the soap – a one-of-a-kind bicycle-powered soap blender.

Here’s how it works: The bicycle drives a belt that turns a blade in a large stainless steel vat, where the purest ingredients – saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, essential oils, and organic herbs and spices are stirred together. Once the ingredients start to thicken, the magic of soap making has begun, the mixture is poured into wooden frames to set and cured for 2 months to set.

Just soaps are also good for the earth. The products are biodegradable and are never tested on animals. They use recycled boxes, and minimal packaging, all of it recyclable.

Why don’t you do your skin and earth a favor by pampering it with Just soaps?


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