Go green with these 19 products made from recycled paper

products made from recycled paper

No matter how nostalgic we feel towards our paperback books or notebooks, it is time to move on. E-books certainly provide a more sustainable solution to the paper problem. Buying one E-Reader might save you the trouble of buying hundreds of books, therefore, it might help a lot in saving the environment. However, if you still feel that you must read only paperback books, then you can lend it to some library after reading it so that others can read it too.  Most of us spend ages reading a book and don’t even touch it after reading it once. Either we should lend such books to someone who would read them or give them for recycling. These stunning products made using recycled paper show how giving books for recycling can also be a great option.

19 – Stunning products made using recycled paper

The world is gradually entering into an era where use of recycled materials is increasingly gaining momentum. There are many reasons for the same including, environmental hazards caused by waste materials, rapidly declining resources and people’s quest to find creative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. These reasons are also the inspiration behind designers’ enthusiasm for creating unique products from recycled paper.

1. Folded paper bowl

Designed by Rutis Roots, Folded Paper Bowl is a DIY eco friendly fashion accessory, which you can make at home. All you need is 390 pieces of recycled paper, glue, acrylic colors and a card board. Custom made folded paper bowl can also be purchased from Etsy. It is 4 inch long, 15 inch wide and can be used for keeping valuable items like sweets, earrings, bangles, key chains, coins, and other cosmetics.

2. Paper Dress

Designer Jolis Paons has prepared this handmade paper dress from pages of an old phone book. You may have a question about the wearability of a paper dress. However, Paons’ paper dress is an eco friendly dress, which you can be worn for special occasions. It will help you spread the message of saving the environment that too with style.

3. Modish recycled paper furniture

Designers at Way Basics have developed a range of home furniture designs made from zBoards. This paper furniture is strong enough to be used as conventional bookshelves, tables and beds. Moreover, zBoard is made from 99 percent post consumer recycled paper and it can be 100 percent recycled after use.

4. Recycled paper bottle

Designed by Brandimage, the 360 Bottle is made from recycled paper. Be it water, milk or oil, the paper bottle can be used for storing all kind of liquids. Also, the design provides a solution for the environmental hazard caused by the excessive use of plastic bottles. In the U.S. alone, about 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day.

5. Life

As the name suggests, Life is an eco conscious solution for reducing use of plastic containers and developing a ‘sustainable culture about water’. Designed by Andrea Ponti, Life is a paper made water container which was used during 2015 Milano Expo. It has been double stitched for insulation and provided with a green cord made from natural cotton so that you can carry it with you, wherever you go.

6. Eco hip recycled newspaper bag

A group of 32 Brazilian women have crafted this unique and hip recycled newspaper bag. The stylish and trendy bag can be used for many purposes. The developers have used recycled news paper, organic cotton, silk, etc and coated it with natural water resistant protection. There is also a zipper/magnetic snap closures in the bag. It is available in five color variants.

7. 100 percent post consumer recycled paper table

Designed by Matt Gagnon, this handmade paper coffee table can be used as a table top or for keeping magazines and other materials. Gagnon has used 100 percent post consumer recycled paper board, homasot and bolts for making this eco friendly piece of furniture. Linseed oil has been used for giving a neat finish to the table.

8. Vase from recycled newspaper

Here is another example of the creative use of recycled newspaper. The paper vase has been fanned around a recycled aluminium base. Its inner base can be removed for cleaning and filling the Vase. According to the designers, the recycled paper vase is easy to maintain.

9. Recyclable paper laptop

Designed by Je Sung Park, the paper laptop is a futuristic eco friendly concept for the tech savvy generation. According to Park, the main body of the paper laptop would be made from recycled paper or pulp materials packed in layers. Such a device would be easy to maintain and repair. Also, it would save the earth from wastes, which is generated by old computing devices.

10. Recycled paper cut ‘Cloud’ lamp shades

UK based designer, Yu Jordy Fu has created a series of five Cloud lampshades made from recycled paper. It generates a mystery inspiring white ambiance around the bulb and uplifts the home decor. The unique lampshades have been named as Angels, Prague, Memory, Grandpa and Story. it is available in a range of different sizes and price.

11. Tea House crafted out of Recycled Paper

paper house 1
This would have been not as interesting or even stunning if one were to make a tea house out of paper for fun. You know those little toy houses that the young ones play with all day long in a cute fashion. But we are not talking about kids toys here. This is a real ‘Tea House’ made from recycled paper to obviously send out a green message to the world. It tells us to reduce, reuse and recycle and it does so with elegance and subtle style that is very charming indeed.

paper house 2

“Tea House” by architect Shigeru Ban, is perfect for those cozy afternoons drinking tea and it will soothe your sense along with the cup of beverage that you have. Being a coffee lover, I would much rather call this my own ‘Coffee House’ and that would be indeed great as I have always wanted one since the days of first watching ‘Friends’. The use of paper based building materials might prove to be a reasonable temporary housing solution in disaster zones around the globe. The concept is very useful in disaster management.
paper house 3

Measuring just over 5 meters long, this light weight shelter comes complete with a table and four stools, the house also features a waiting area with a bench in keeping with tea ceremony practice. The entire structure is pretty cool, although it might need some care. It would be interesting to see if we have more designs like this.

12. Recyclable 3D wallpaper tiles made of 100% recycled paper

v2 wallpaper tiles

Are you planning the interiors of your home? Then do it in the green way with Jaime Salm. He has an interesting wallpaper tiles for your walls. The most interesting part is about what it is made of — 100% recycled paper. It is not only that, these tiles are also 100% recyclable.

A pack including 12 tiles will cover 12 square feet of wall space, as they are sized 12″ square x 2.25″ thick. The design itself is no less interesting! Transform any space virtually with its special modular three-dimensional structures in a practical and affordable way.

13. Butterfly Sculpture

Keeping the love for nature alive, is a team of designers from India. These earth lovers joined hands to give thrown away paper cups a new lease of life and swapped them into a beautiful piece of art. They have come up with an over sized butterfly sculpture, which was placed at a shopping mall located in Bangalore, India. The attention grabbing art piece comes smothered with eco friendliness and comprises of hundreds of paper cups, which have been placed to form a vivacious butterfly, complete with a body and delicate looking wings.

14. Cup’o Lights: Pretty honeycomb wall lamps

Jazz up your dwellings the clean and green way with a chic honeycomb wall lamp named Rays. Six Japanese designers, namely Ye Tao, Chao Chen, Chengyun Wei, Xuanxing Yang and Guanyun Wang have crafted the awe amazing lighting piece, which will brighten up your living space with a seductive charm. The upcycled creation has been fashioned using reclaimed paper cups, which lend it a sophisticated look. The exterior facade looks like a honeycomb and overall the lamp has been given the shape of a half cut egg. The bottom of the design has been wedged with lighting elements that will brighten up the surroundings warmly.

15. Tara Donovan ‘Untitled’ Cloud Formati

Tara Donovan, an artist from New York has made an exceptional good use of discarded paper. She has created amazing artwork from ordinary objects, which normally don’t even get noticed in everyday life. The cloud formati fashioned by the artist is a cut above the rest and manages to leave an everlasting impression. The outstanding use of paper cups will leave people wheezing and make eyes pop out in utmost surprise. The eco friendly creations by the artist injects an artful life in thrown away objects, which would have otherwise been left to rot in some dump yard.

16. Fish Lips Paper Designs

Fish Lips Paper DesignFor now all I knew about recycled paper was a dirty looking paper used to manufacture carry bags. Fish Lips Paper Designs wants to change this tradition and have revealed a trove of bold and modern patterns that are saturated with color.

The wrapping paper comes in sheets of 22 X 33.75 inches and is designed and printed in the United States from 100% post-consumer recycled paper using soy-based inks. The company is also offering a seasonal collection of holiday designs that can give your gift a great look without cutting any more trees!

17. Recycled Paper Seating

Recycled Paper SeatingIt’s spectacular what all you can do with paper pulp. Apart from papier-mâché, furniture has become the next rage derived from recycled paper. These very elegant softseating strips have been formed into malleable honeycomb structures. These seating accessories can be permutated to give rise to different arrangements like benches, stools and low tables. What is truly fascinating is the construction of longer furniture pieces where two short ones are held together with the help of magnets. Prices ranging from $170 to $970 per section make it clear that there is something for everybody and by that I mean different budgets. Available in black and brown, the basic shades will facilitate pairing with any genre of interiors and is sure to add some paper charm without natural harm to your home.

18. Ecopod Coffin: Made from 100% Recycled Paper

Ecopod CoffinGraveyards are increasingly becoming a matter of concern for the environment. Contribute to the nature and show your responsibility towards the generations to come before reaching the grave. I am talking of a coffin which is biodegradable!

Made from naturally hardened, 100% recycled paper; the Ecopod is a revolutionary design in coffins. 100% ecologically sound materials are used to make Ecopod, and thus it is the ideal product for a non toxic burial. We can define it as a version suitable for cremations coming in 2006. The Ecopod weighs only 14 kilos, which is not only light but also strong. Available in various sixes and color.

19. Shuo Yang’s paper clock

Shuo Yang’s paper clockPaper Clock is aClock made from recycled paper draws energy from en suite solar panel.

Chinese designer Shuo Yang has once again proved his mettle in handing out environmentally friendly tools. Now, he introduces a square-shaped clock made of recycled paper. Quite interestingly, the hollow clock has center directing pointers. Needless to say, this is a great stride in direction to make the waste usable, as recycling is just the thing to do.

We really appreciate this gadget, as it draws energy from the ingrained solar panel. Now, isn’t it a fabulous idea to promote kinetic devices?

Though the concept is novel and unique, still I am a bit dubious about the reception it may meet. In the present world, where almost everyone is running after techie gadgets, one may not like its simplicity.

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