Prejudice multi functional chair made from 100 percent recycled materials

What an apt name for a chair, ‘Prejudice’. Of course, just reading the name is not enough; therefore, here we are to tell you more about the prejudice the chair wishes to justify. Proposed by Sanserif Creatius, a Valencian designer, the chair is both multifunctional as well as eco friendly. Made entirely from 100 percent recycled materials, the piece of furniture can be used as a set of two chairs or clubbed together to make a sofa.

Spanish Design Firm's Latest Cardboard Creation

Guessing why the chair is called Prejudice is not hard. It is made from cardboard and with the chair, the designer wants to change the pre conceived notions people have about the use of cardboard. Sturdiness and cleanliness are two grounds, which make its use questionable. But, this chair is an answer to everything doubted about cardboard. It proves that making furniture from cardboard is a clean process and the final product is as useful and durable as possible.

Talking about its multi functional aspects, the chairs, as already told can be used as a sofa, and for some additional benefit, you get an extra footrest and coffee table that can fit underneath the chair when turned in to a sofa. Thus, it saves you space, it is made out of fully recycled materials and an entirely clean process has been used to give it final shape.

Via: Treehugger

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