Best eco friendly kitchen countertops

If you want to go green with your kitchen countertops, you would be happy to know that sky’s the limit. With more and more people realizing the worth of using environment friendly kitchen countertops, manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to create multiple varieties of such products. Eco friendly kitchen countertops are available in various colors, textures and designs, helping you add beauty to your kitchen. They look modern yet sleek and classy to suit your daily needs. These countertops are generated from reprocessed or sustainable content via eco-friendly manufacturing processes and are known for their durability and style. Here are few examples of such Eco friendly kitchen countertops.

1. Recycled Paper Countertops

Costing at approximately $30 per square feet with easy installation features, recycled paper countertops are manufactured from paper fibers that are bonded with resin to make a surface as tough as a stone. They are easy to install and are present in three varieties in the market; Paper Stone, Squak Mountain Stone and Eco Top. During the manufacturing process of this product, less energy is consumed than the traditional countertops, making it an ideal green solution.

2. Recycled Glass Countertops

Save money over traditional countertops by opting for glass countertops and be generous to your mother earth. Plugged as the one of the best recycled options to outweigh the conventional countertop options, recycled glass is elegant and tough. Starting at around $50 per square feet, they are made of reprocessed version of glass, giving an environment friendly alternative to its non-renewable equivalents. Usually recycled glass is amalgamated with concrete colorants and other salvaged materials along with environmentally friendly resins to create this durable type of glass countertop. It is less porous than the traditional countertops and is heat and scratch resistant. This form of countertop does not emit any toxins.

3. Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Costing at approximately $40 per square feet and with a lifespan of a lifetime, they are made from reclaimed wood as it keeps products from entering the waste stream. It is considered expensive than regular butcher block. Since it is prone to water damage, it should not be installed next to a sink or washbasin. These wood countertops are also manufactured from wood harvested from responsibly managed forests.

4. Suberra Cork Countertops

Suberra Cork Countertops are high density durable countertops. These anti-bacterial Cork countertops are processed from 100% post-industrial recycled cork grain. Its sound dampening properties make it ideal for kitchen usage. This light weight countertops are at the same price point as other butcher block varieties. It is easily manufactured and seamed with standard woodworking gears and glues.

5. Bamboo Countertops

Bamboo worktops are a striking and long-lasting alternative to traditional options for kitchen countertops. They come in various styles and designs to give your kitchen that elegant look. Great to work on, these bamboo kitchen worktops help you choose your own style from modern to eclectic. Cost effective yet easy to install, they could be an ideal way to add some spice to your modern kitchen. They are available in 8 foot (countertops) or 6 foot (islands) lengths in a variety of widths (25.5”, 30”, 36”). One should refrain from using ammonia based cleaning products on these countertops. Know that a proper moisture balance can only be maintained by a sealing with a penetrating finish on all sides of the countertop. Be at peace while using this form of environment friendly countertop as bamboo is considered a renewable and sustainable resource.

6. 100 Percent HDPE Surface Countertops

These eco friendly kitchen countertops are generated from 100 percent postconsumer polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic commonly found in landfills. Durable and cost-effective, these countertops are available in four colors. 100 Percent HDPE Surface Countertops are generally a single-sided product with a sandstone finish on the front.

Eco friendly countertops provide every home with an opportunity to contribute their share as part of going green solutions. They help in judicious use of recycled products and offer environment solutions to an individual to choose and pursue. Eco friendly countertops give you a chance to protect the earth’s precious resources and divert resources that would otherwise be labeled for landfills. Along with using these Eco friendly countertops, the trick would be to avoid varnishes and sealants containing volatile organic compounds (VOC) and bonding agents that are formaldehyde free. Don’t wait and go ahead to choose from these Eco friendly kitchen countertop varieties, easily accessible in the market. Choose to go green, encourage renewable resources and save earth.

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