Eco friendly cardboard furniture for kids

Saving our planet from the day to day depletion has become an issue of utmost concern as this everyday exhaustion is gradually becoming a curse for it. The best possible solution to save the earth is to save its natural resources by becoming eco friendly. By doing this we will not only save the environment of the earth but will also make it a better place to sustain life. In this quest of becoming eco friendly the industrial design students from the Rhode Island School of Design were given a task to create cardboard chairs for kids in a week’s time.

Cardboard Chairs

Cardboard furniture apart from being environmentally friendly is easy to make and is very cost effective. Parents want the play area of their kids to be safe, where their kids can have fun without being prone to any accidents which very often occur during play, these cardboard chairs fulfill this requirement efficiently. The students to work on the given project were divided into teams of three and had to design a chair from a piece of 48”x 80” cardboard that could sustain at least 55lbs. The students made the most of their skills and creativity and came up with very attractive and playful chairs for kids like the laser cut rocking chair, a folded animal chair and many more. They also tested the physical nature of the chairs and the wear and tear of recurring use. These chairs finally were tested by seven children who played with them and the students were taking the feedback through a webcam to be sure of their durability. Children using these chairs can express their skill of art by painting these plain cardboard chairs in their own favorite colors. They can even use crayons, markers or else decorate them with stickers.

Cardboard furniture saves the natural resources of the earth as it is made out of recycled materials. Parents at times shirk to spend on these paper chairs but there are many benefits of buying this furniture for kids who not only get a chance to express but also enjoy such play.


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