This is how green one can be with cardboard

There is no dearth of individuals who love art, and creating masterpieces from materials that have been discarded is just icing on the cake. Not many materials have been used more often for stunning pieces of art than metal and the good old cardboard, which helps protect almost everything that we buy. However, once the product is delivered to us, the first thing that we do is to throw out the cardboard packaging in the trash bin. While most of this trash enters the landfill, some of it enters the workplace of creative artists who use it to fashion artwork that could leave you spellbound. Here is a collection of 16 such masterpieces that can prove that garbage for some is gold for others.

Harley Davidson motorcycle by Longview Fibre

Cardboard engine replica at Columbus Idea Foundry

Cardboard Gameboy by Born 2 Draw

Cardboard Office by Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk

35mm Pinhole Hasselblad Camera by Kelly Angood

Cardboard Fiat 500 by Chris Gilmour

Cardboard Harley by Kenny Scott

Cardboard dining table

Cardboard Mandolin by Jon Almeda

‘The Scream’ by Mark Langan

Cardboard Gundam Replica

Cardboard Helicopter by Chris Dacre

Cardboard dinosaur skeleton by Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos

Cardboard workplace replica

Cardboard fruit bowl by SEM Design

Back Side Flip 360° by O-S Architects

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