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Go green with these 19 products made from recycled paper

The world is gradually entering into an era where use of recycled materials is increasingly gaining momentum. There are many reasons for the same including, environmental hazards caused by waste materials, rapidly declining resources and people’s quest to

products made from recycled paper

Bioplastics: Advantages, Disadvantages, Trends, and more

With the ever increasing awareness of the environmental as well as the health hazards of oil derived plastics, the global industry is taking into consideration the plant based alternatives (aka Bioplastics). Bioplastics are derived from renewable material


Geothermal Energy: Everything you might want to know about it

The temperature rises one degree Celsius for every 30-50 meters you go down the earth’s surface. This heat is brought to the near-surface by thermal conduction and by intrusion into the earth’s crust of molten magma originating from great depth….

Geothermal energy
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