33 Best Eco-friendly gadgets for home right now

There are some truly innovative eco-friendly gadgets for the home , which will help you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Nowadays, most of us cannot even imagine a day of our lives without electronic gadgets. It doesn’t matter whether it is a smartphone, a television or a computer, each member of the house has myriad gadgets to their disposal. Nevertheless, we still don’t know whether these gadgets are impacting our lives in a positive or negative way. Those who regard gadgets as something harmful say time and time again about their impact on the environment. However, there are a number of gadgets that are eco-friendly as well as useful.

Eco-friendly gadgets support sustainable, efficient, and green solutions. For instance, Plico Energy solar batteries in Perth and other solar solutions are eco-friendly because of helping solar systems sustain renewable energy for residential and commercial establishments. What are the other eco-friendly gadgets you can use for your home right now?

Check out these 9 eco-friendly and useful gadgets that will paint your world green! You may be recycling, reducing, and reusing. But if your gadgets and appliances do not help to save energy and resources, then it’s only half the effort. Why not invest in green gadgets made especially for the eco-conscious ones? Take look at some of these unique gadgets:

18 Eco-friendly gadgets for the home 2019 

1. Edyn Garden Sensor

Edyn Garden Sensor Growing vegetables in your garden is a healthy option, as you can grow them without chemicals. But if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, then you may be struggling to grow your own veggies. Don’t give up the good fight just yet, as the Edyn Garden Sensor will let you know the soil health, light, and weather conditions. It recommends the best crops for your garden based on these insights. It has a separate valve attached to it, which customizes water usage. This is one most eco-friendly gadgets for the home 2019, which can transform your gardening experience.

2. Smart thermostat

ThermostatWith eco-friendly electronic gadgets like the smart thermostat, you can keep the temperature of your home according to your choice and save energy consumption. If you want to return to a nice and cozy home, you can do that with the smart thermostat, as it can control the temperature of your home remotely from your smartphone. It can even react to your phone’s GPS location, and automatically start the heating as you approach near your home.

3. Caia

This is one of the cool eco-friendly gadgets available in 2019. It’s a robot which brightens up any room it is placed in, by harnessing solar power and redirecting it to where you want it.

4. Goal Zero solar recharging kit

If you want to get rid of conventional power outlets, and want to charge your devices with solar energy, then this is the charger for you. It has a 7,800 mAH battery pack with a foldable Nomad 7 solar panel. The kit can be completely charged in 9 hours and you can charge your smartphone from scratch, at least twice. It’s certainly one of the most desirable eco-friendly gadgets for the home 2019.

5. PUR Bluetooth Ultimate Faucet Filtration System

Again, this is one of the really cool eco-friendly gadgets you can install in your home. This system will remind you of your mom or dad, as it keeps reminding you not to leave taps running. It makes your tap water purer by filtering at least 70 harmful contaminants. The filtration system can be mounted on any faucet, and as it is Bluetooth enabled, it can keep you updated about water usage.

6. Solar water heater

Solar water heaterA water heater powered by solar energy could be your first foray into the world of solar energy. We need a lot of hot water, especially in winter. But, heating water using conventional energy gives rise to whopping electricity bills. With these eco-friendly gadgets for the home 2019, you can say that you have made a huge commitment towards going green.

7. Rain Bird ST8i-WiFi Sprinkler Timer

This is one of the coolest eco-friendly gadgets for the home 2019. This smart water sprinkler is the smartest of them all, for sure. It regulates the water usage according to the weather. It controls how you use water and its eight customizable watering choices allow you to water your garden in a targeted manner.

8. iBamboo iPhone speaker

This speaker can be included in the list of eco-friendly electronic gadgets. It’s the most eco-conscious accessory you’ll ever come across. It’s actually a piece of bamboo which has a slot to put your iPhone in and uses the phone’s speakers to great effect. This is due to natural resonance of bamboo, and you get excellent speakers which are eco-friendly too.

9. Nebia

Enjoy a spa-like shower experience with this showerhead. The showerhead’s nozzle atomizes the water and maximizes your surface area even as it minimizes the use of water. The best thing is, it fits into your existing fixtures, and you can fit it yourself – no calling up the plumber and waiting for him to turn up!

10. Rukus Extreme Solar Wireless Speaker

Turn noise pollution on its head with Eton’s solar energized boom blaster. It comes with five speakers, and it is NFC- enabled so that you can stream your favorite playlist wirelessly. With a built-in battery of 6,600mAh, this boom blaster will keep your party going on with 5 hours of non-stop playback. The speaker’s IPX4 water resistance ensures that your summer time pool outing is never boring or music-less.

11. Siva Cycle Atom

Put simply, this battery pack recharges any USB device through pedaling. So, cyclists can freely be on the move without worrying about their smartphones’ battery. This battery pack uses the same speed as any other smartphone charger to boost a phone’s charge from a ground zero percent to a whopping seventy percent!

12. LSTN Cherry Troubadours Headphones

These headphones are built with reclaimed wood sourced from furniture companies. This gives the headphones an earthen appearance accompanied with crisp sounds for sharp ears. The wooden base helps to lock out ambient noise and in turn, enriches the musical experience for the wearer.

13. Urbanears Re: Plattan


This special edition model from Urbanears is designed by using scrap parts of the previous collection. Each pair of these headphones boasts of offering its consumers collapsible design with high-performance sound.

Not only that, Urbanears has been doing funding for rainforest protection, thereby protecting biodiversity as a whole. So, the signature feature of these headphones is that it comes as a traceable Pax code accompanied with GPS coordinates for protected areas in the Costa Rica rainforest that amounts to five square meters.

14. Rain Bird ST8i-WiFi Sprinkler Timer


If you are an amateur florist or a professional gardener, this smart electronic gadget will make your jaw drop with its eco-friendliness as well as usefulness. This device will automatically adjust the watering schedule in accord to the local weather to keep the water usage just right.

The sprinkler timer, which can also be operated via a mobile app, brings to the table up to eight watering zones that can be customized as per convenience. This allows consumers to target water usage where it is required, and cut down on it where it isn’t needed.

15. WeMO Insight Smart Plug


A smart device that tracks down ‘energy vampires’, gives you an idea on your energy usage via an app, and lets you switch your appliances on and off accordingly. It is a must-have for an eco-friendly soul. WeMO Insight Smart Plug is indeed smart, and pocket-friendly too!

16. Caia

This robot performs a task as simple as its name. Caia harness sunrays while sitting at your room’s window to redirect natural brightness where it is most needed. This robot works on solar power, and thus, it performs its function without electricity.

17. Pilot B2P (Bottle to Pen)

Every single hour, approximately 2,50,00 plastic bottles make their way into landfills. What B2P does is, it recycles 50% of this plastic waste by turning them into refillable and retractable pens. These pens are 89% plastic waste. However, they look stylish and write smoothly. This is a win-win situation for everyone, isn’t it?

18. H20 Powered Alarm Clock

Even if you are a tech geek, sometimes managing an electronic device with batteries and charging can become quite a fuss. With this H2O powered alarm clock, all you have to do is fill up the clock with some tap water and close its lid. The ions inside this clock are programmed to turn water into power. And the best part is that it lasts for 6 long months!

These eco-friendly gadgets for the home 2019 are good buys and will help you live up to your green lifestyle. They are state of the art, convenient, and great money and energy savers as well.

19. Mobile Light – Kyouei Design


Mobile Light - Kyouei Design

Do not be fooled by the sleek bearing, as this contraption designed by Koichi Okamoto packs a ‘convenient’ punch when it comes to solar technology. During sunny weather, the internal battery pack contained inside the bulb gets charged by an in-built solar panel. But the main functionality of the bulb starts when outside natural lighting actually begins to fade. The fully charged battery delivers a power output to activate a bright LED system. This helps in illuminating the interior (during night) and that too with a stylish appliance and clean electricity.

20. IKEA’s collection of solar powered lighting sets


Ikea's collection of Solar powered lighting sets

Yes, the Swedish company may have got some bad rep for the Nazi related incident and even its depiction in Fight Club. But that does not mean they cannot come with practical ‘green’ products. As a matter of fact, the furniture giant has released their latest line of sustainable yet artistic solar lighting elements, which are more importantly affordable for mere mortals. The product line includes different types of lights including post lights, up lights, stylish hanging globes and even pendant style lights. The pricing ranges from $9.99 to $19.99. So, if you badly want to have that backyard night party, this is the way to have it in a cheap and environment friendly fashion.

21. Solar or Hand Crank Powered AM/FM Radio

Solar or Hand Crank Powered AM/FM Radio

There is nothing like an old school radio to keep you engaged with game scores during those boring camping trips. If you want to do your bit for your eco-system, then there is always the ultra-petite and portable Solar Radio. Cased in a ABS durable plastic component, the wireless contraption can maintain its solar charge for 7 long hours in sunshine. Even if there is lack of availability of natural light, you can always use your muscle ‘power’ to crank up the system. One minute of cranking it corresponds to powering up of the device for thirty minutes.

22. DeepDesign’s Disko Solar-Powered Outdoor Speaker


DeepDesign's Disko Solar-Powered Outdoor Speaker

Designed by DeepDesign and reeking of utter novelty, the Disko SU 1 is a self sustaining speaker system powered wholly by ‘clean and green’ solar energy. The controlling mechanism can be provided by a myriad of electronic devices ranging from bantam iPods to cumbersome PCs, of course through a small transmitter. These same devices can be used for the sound input. Moreover, to accentuate upon the style element, the designers have actually incorporated a set of three circular LED lights onto the cordless contraption.

23. Solar Stik


Solar Stik

We have talked about individual gadgets till now. But, why not have a sustainable power station of your own that can juice up a myriad of such devices. The Solar Stik is one such portable power plant (with a weight of only 80 pounds), which can easily be fixed in your very own backyard for uninterrupted power supply off the main grid. The pole like device includes a double array of solar panels, a wind turbine along with a separate battery pack for energy storage. Coming to specs, the dual 50-watt solar panels are capable of producing about 80 Amps/hours per day.

24. Solar powered window washer


Solar powered window washer

Window cleaning is a tedious and laborious task that you have to undertake often for maintaining cleanliness in your home. Solar powered window washer, designed by an Australian innovator and showcased by Electrolux, can be the sustainable solution to clean your windows.

Named the Geco, the window washer has a micro fiber ring that keeps spinning using solar power to clean the windows. The solar powered gadget also features gecko like feet made using nano technology to stick to the windowpane.

25. Solar powered fridge

Solar powered fridgeThe solar powered fridge supports a 400amp/hr battery that helps it generate power from sunlight and utilize it for keeping your eatables and beverages fresh and cool. It can maintain temperature from -5 F to -20 F. you can keep this unique fridge under the sun for charging without any fear of damage. In summers, when keeping drinks cool and vegetables fresh become a problem and the energy bills shoot upwards, this solar powered fridge can help you eat and drink fresh and cool.

26. Solar oven

Solar ovenThe box cooker, which is a simple solar cooker, can be the solution to energy problems in remote regions. Not cooking the food, especially meat, at the right temperature can be the cause of several diseases and may lead to fatal bowel problems. Solar oven helps those who have minimum access to cooking fuels and electricity cook their meals properly and stay healthy. It is also the most eco-friendly way of cooking outdoors without causing pollution.

27. Solio chargers

Solio chargers 2

Often charging multiple devices cause wastage of energy at home and workplace. You may or may not have access to an electric plug point but you can still charge your gizmos or gadgets by using the solio chargers. It is a petal shaped charger, which helps people charge their phones and tablets without electricity. It can store energy for almost a year. Solar powered backpacks are also in vogue among travelers.

28. UV Onion: Onion shaped lamp sterilizes your home on solar power

UV onion is one of the contemporary examples of futuristic design blended with technology. The onion shaped device charges its battery by utilizing solar energy. The extra ordinary feature of this device is its LED light, which emits ultra violet rays. This lighting device has the capability to produce sterilizing effect of the sun’s rays inside our modern homes. Its portability makes it ideal for any corner of your home, where sunlight fails to penetrate.

29. Solar Powered Courtesy Light

The solar powered courtesy light is an intelligent device for your backyard and outdoors. It is equipped with a motion detection sensor, which switches on and off automatically. The device itself is rain proof and has the capacity to illuminate a distance of about 8 meters. Literally, this light could be secured on any type of wall with an easy and simple setup. The device utilizes solar energy for its entire operation.

30. Eton Soulra XL

Eton Soulra XL is an innovative gadget designed especially for the iPod and iPhone users. The device includes a 2000mAh Lithium Ion battery that extracts its energy from the solar rays. This product embraces a 22 watt speaker system, docking space and a bed of solar panel. In addition to the audio entertainment, this device could be used to recharge your iPod or iPhone as well.

31. The Glow brick

The Glow brick is a simple and affordable solar powered light that emits an ethereal green luminance. The design of the device is quite innovative and laudable. The product has a normal light bulb’s design enclosed within glass chambers. As it is entirely dependent on solar energy, this device is 100 percent eco friendly and require no batteries for operating.

32. Eol’eau: A wind and solar powered home gadget

Eol’eau is one of the most innovative projects that extracts its energy from solar rays as well as from the wind. In addition, this product has provision to collect rain water in a tank. One can water their plants and trees with the collected water. Electric energy is extracted through the wind generator.

33. Solar powered Glowing Plant Pot

As the name describes, the glowing plant pot illuminates at night. During the day, it extracts energy from the solar rays and makes it emit an attractive glow at night. Depending on the magnitude of energy extracted, the luminance can last between 2 to 8 hours. The solar panel is mounted on a plastic stake. As the pot isn’t completely water proof, water’s saturation should be kept to a minimum level.

What To Consider When Buying Eco-friendly Gadgets

The important things homeowners should consider when shopping for eco-friendly gadgets include the following:

  • Your Needs: You’re using different electric devices and appliances for household chores, such as cleaning, cooking, and gardening. Think of the different tasks you perform at home regularly and determine the best eco-friendly gadgets that can replace those electric or fuel-powered devices, appliances, or equipment.
  • Your Budget: Eco-friendly gadgets can provide long-term savings and protect the environment. So, save money to invest in eco-friendly gadgets and solutions to benefit from their promising features and benefits and attain environmental protection.


Now, you can choose the suitable eco-friendly gadgets you can use for your home to save electricity and protect the environment. Using eco-friendly gadgets is a way to accomplish tasks or daily routines while helping save the environment. Many of the above gadgets are powered by solar energy, a renewable energy source that provides enormous benefits to households and the environment.

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