Old dresser repurposed into a mini garden

Furniture adds glamour to your house but once it gets old it loses it worth. Although any kind of furniture can be reused by transforming it into some innovative design but generally it is replaced. Now for example look at this old dresser, which had been a piece of importance in bedroom but as time moved on it lost its worth.

Old dresser turned into a lovely and fresh garden

A great job done by its eco minded owners who decided to reuse it rather than simply replace it. As it was no more an object to be kept in house its owners decided to change the décor by keeping it outside and turning it into a lovely mini garden. Outside doesn’t mean out in open because wood needs protection but a deck or covered terrace would keep it safe. The thing is that the dresser was great as it is and didn’t need to be transformed. The three spacious drawers that were once used for keeping bedroom items can be easily used as great houses for small plants.

Now as you see it’s a cozy garden. The transformation is very simple and the only time taken is the one while bringing it outside. The drawers that can be opened at different lengths store small flowers and plants and also make it possible to see all the items inside. The only hard work to be done is to fill it with plant pots and after that it turns into an attractive display unit for terrace, deck or any other outdoor area. Furniture adaption is a great idea and in this case it was simple too.

Via: Homedit

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