Scientists create Gecko inspired adhesive that can be reused for over 100 times

There is always a facet of novelty that is found in the ingenious products inspired by natural organisms and processes. However, this time, researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst have come up with their innovative conception that is novel as well as practical. Inspired by the amazingly sticky hair like structure of Gecko lizard’s feet, they have successfully created a fully reusable adhesive fabric.

Reusable Sticky Tape Could Hold Up Your TV

According to the scientists, their invention is exponentially stronger than the natural element found in Gecko’s feet. In fact, a small patch of this material can diligently hold on to smooth glass surfaces, even while carrying 300 kilograms of weight.

Coming to this wondrous adhesive’s composition, the designers have simplistically deposited a thin rubbery polymer layer on a fabric created from stiff carbon fibers. Now, due to the effects of reversible force of attraction, which is better known as van der Waals force, the polymer ‘connects’ to the surface with an enhanced structural configuration.

The sturdy carbon fiber fabric is the main component that improves upon the overall adhesive nature of the product. In fact, this one mm thick fabric is touted to have a sticking force of about 30 newtons per square centimeter, which makes it three times hardier than Gecko’s front two feet. But more importantly, the whole simplistic process of manufacturing alludes to greater applicability, thus insinuating a collective scope of usage.

And, since we are talking about its applicability, the scientists have determined that the adhesive can easily attach a 42 inch television to a smooth glass surface, or hold together computer parts and automobile components. In fact, its practicality is notched up to such a level that even a hand size patch can be peeled off and reused for over hundred times, without losing its efficient adhesive nature.

Via: TechnologyReview

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