Oasia Downtown imposing green tower to stand admist concrete and glass

By 2014, the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore may feature a high rising green skyscraper that will reach above all other glassy towers in the vicinity, and, stand as a symbol of sustainable architecture. The design of Oasia Downtown prepared by WOHA, speaks volumes about the innovation with which land has been intensively used, and showcases a tropically green, perforated, furry and verdant tower sure to mark a difference to the overall landscape of CBD.

Oasia Downtown / WOHA

A club sandwich inspired the design of the tower; it will have a series of different strata and each floor having its own sky garden. The layers of elevated ground layers allow intensive use of the land for multiple social and public recreation activities. It will also feature a distinct Soho, a Hotel and Club.

The densely built up tower, with its various floors, creates its own internal spaces and dynamic views that make it independent of the external vistas. The tower as seen through the pictures will have various openings, the size of huge walls at places, to allow wind to freely circulate through it. Large scale high volume low speed (HVLS) fans too have been installed throughout the kinetic sculpture and ensure thermal comfort.

The tower when complete will achieve a Green Plot Ratio of 750 percent. The external façade of the tower is replete with green creepers and flowering plants, which not only soften the overall look of the tower, but also creates a distinguishing image of the tower against the background of concrete and glass.

WOHA and their client Far East SOHO Pte Ltd, felt that existing structures were not very humanistic and not close to the nature at all, therefore, they can inspire people by their tropical green tower, which is humanistic, sensitive and definitely sustainable.

Via: Archdaily

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