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Micromax to launch a solar powered feature rich phone

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Micromax may not enjoy global popularity, but in India, it has enjoyed the status of being the most beloved cell phone manufacturer. Their handsets cater to a wide audience, giving them economy within every segment, including both feature phones and smartphones. In the past they launched handsets with dual SIM feature, above average battery life feature, and much more. And, now they have ventured into the green technology segment by announcing the production of an unnamed handset that will come installed with a solar panel.

Micromax to launch phone with solar panel

In the past we have talked about USB charging docks for your phone, but now there is a phone, which is capable of charging itself from the power of the sun. The solar panel installed on the phone will charge the phone in three hours to last up to one and a half hours of talktime. According to Rahul Sharma, the co founder of Micromax, the phone will be a normal feature phone and not a smartphone i.e. it will have a JAVA base operating system and not have Android and Windows operating systems.

Other details have not been revealed yet, but if this venture succeeds, it will directly compete with Vodafone’s VF 247, which costs approximately $29. Of course this is not going to be the first phone with solar panel installations, but is expected to be an improvement over the ones that exist.

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