Grow healthier vegetables and fruits in a DIY greenhouse

Are you fond of gardening but still don’t have ample space in your backyard for pursuing it? Well, the better way to deal with this problem is by constructing a DIY greenhouse that will economize on space and let you enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables and fruits. One major advantage of growing fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse is that you will eat healthier food and also cut down the transportation and storage cost, therefore, reducing the environmental impact which it would have had otherwise.

DIY Greenhouse

For constructing a green house yourself, you can use reclaimed wood panels, glass sheets and basic tools for its constructions. The wood used for the particular greenhouse shown is the pictures is from a dead birch tree remains. They were cut to make borders and shelves and plant beds inside the greenhouse, so you get multiple layers for growing plants.

All types of vegetables ranging from tomatoes, carrots, basil, garlic, etc. can be grown in these beds. The best part of having a DIY greenhouse is that you can plant the seedlings before the season starts and also plant them after the season is over. During the time when nothing is planted you can simply use it for sun basking, keeping all the wind out.

Via: Phdinparenting

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