What’s Next: Digging our way through to the future of Hydroponics!

Decoding Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening is the method of cultivating plants that does away with soil. In this technique plants are grown inside greenhouses, which sport controlled environments and use water as a medium of cultivation along with rich minerals and nutrients. Because we are largely doing away with the necessity of soil, hydroponics is a method that can be used almost anywhere. While there is a common notion that products that come from such method of cultivation are not good for health due to the high use of nutrients and fertilizers, it is a perception rooted outside reality. In fact, if we embrace hydroponic gardening and allow it to evolve as a competent agriculture form, it holds unlimited potential that promises a future filled with riches.

Why we need to embrace the change

The world today is heading toward a future where wars could break out over food resources. With growing population and industrialization, there is huge pressure on agricultural land. This is leading to deforestation on a large scale. There is only so much land on offer on this planet and with each day seeing many more mouths to feed, there will come a point when we cannot increase our food production from conventional agriculture anymore.

That is exactly why we need hydroponics. Hydroponic gardens have controlled atmosphere, which protects them from droughts and floods. Infestation can be avoided and most importantly, we need not clear new forest land and flood our existing lands with fertilizers for more output. In every sense, this method of crop cultivation could solve a plethora of problems in one go.

What’s Next?

1. Jim Ruck’s Hydroponic Garden

Jim Ruck’s Hydroponic Garden

The Innovation

Designed by Jim Ruck, this hydroponic garden pretty much fits anywhere you want it and lends aesthetic beauty to your home along with the much needed freshness. The concept design uses misters to grow herbs and vegetables and is powered by electricity. Just place it on your table and enjoy some fresh air and fresh herbs in your breakfast as well.

The Difference Maker

What separates Jim Ruck’s hydroponic garden from those of others is its size, portability and the ergonomic nature of the design. How many hydroponic garden models allow you to grow fresh herbs right on your work desk? That surely sets it apart from the crowd.

The Dampener

You really cannot grow much beyond a few small herbs and maybe a few vegetables using this particular hydroponic garden. Moreover, like with every concept design, we would love to see an actual prototype. But this does seem pretty workable, so we will not complain about much here.

2. Organic Hydroponic gardens in Apartment

Organic Hydroponic gardens in Apartment

The Innovation

This is a hydroponic garden plan that allows apartment dwellers to have their own private gardens in air, which will supply them with a few vegetables that they need along with some fruits and herbs. Design plan of a construction firm in Wuhan, China, this 100 foot garden will ensure that you need not go too far to get the quality food products that you need.

The Difference Maker

It is a great design concept to integrate hydroponic gardens into tall sky scrapers. It will give apartment dwellers in urban communities to join in on the joy of some gardening and purify the polluted city air to a certain extent.

The Dampener

It will be a challenge to maintain such a large hydroponics garden unless many individuals specifically take care of it on a daily basis. The eco system of a hydroponics culture is very sensitive and things can go downhill very fast. It will be important for those who install the gardens to also give them the attention they need.

3. Vertical Garden from Manuel Dreesmann

Vertical garden based on hydroponic plant growing technology

The Innovation

Double glass facades will allow you to grow plants on windows and the external facades of buildings across the globe. The system allows you to grow the hydroponic gardens at any place in a building structure that is laced with a double glass patterns. It is between these two glass layers that the garden flourishes.

The Difference Maker

With this construction technique, you can pretty much turn every new building taking shape on the planet into a hydroponics garden that will produce high yields.

The Dampener

Like many other concept designs, this seems farfetched from reality. To implement such a system one needs to revamp the way buildings are built worldwide and that might not be really acceptable to every engineer on the planet.

4. Omega Hydroponic Garden

Omega Hydroponic Garden saves energy and water

The Innovation

The system saves on both energy and water as its revolutionary new technology helps cut back on usage of resources. It gives you three to five times more yield for the same amount of resources when compared to traditional systems.

The Difference Maker

It can be used indoors and will light up your home in a brilliant green fashion with its spectacular look, along with offering a fresh green environment.

The Dampener

We are rounding off our look at the future of hydroponics with a system that is hard to find flaws with. Omega Hydroponic Garden surely ticks most of the boxes, if not all.

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