Green Tips

5 Simple steps to build your own hydroponics system

Hydroponics generally means cultivation of plants in water without the use of soil. In the earlier days when this phenomenon was new, it was rather more complicated and was usually confined to the people who were experienced and had extensive gardening a

Ten easy tips to reduce heat buildup in your house

If you are building the house of your dreams then make sure you consult your designer about how to provide natural air conditioning to your house instead of investing in a mechanical air conditioner. If you design your home the right way then it can compl

Seven green tips for an eco friendly date

every passing day, people are getting aware of the fact that our nature is in
great danger because of our own deeds, and if we don’t change ourselves now,
there will be no point of return in future. We need to incorporate many changes
in our lifestyl

5 Ways to keep cool at home without AC

People, who live in tropical countries like Africa, Middle East, Southern part of Asia, summer is a season of suffering for them. When summer is just around the corner, it means the level of mercury will start jumping up, featuring insufferable heat and

Five things you should know about using alcohol as fuel

Dependence on non-
renewable sources of energy can prove to be suicidal in the future. But
knowledge of this fact does not deter us from purchasing more cars or consuming
fuel conspicuously. Even the rising fuel prices have not limited our use of
oil. Kee

20 Simple ways to conserve water

Very few of us our aware of the fact that water reserves of the earth. While the supply being finite, we use, or rather waste it infinitely. Water is inevitable for our survival. We need water not only for drinking and cleaning but

7 green apps for iPhone users

We always tend to associate green technology with the final embodiment of the product. But in regard to the current state of affairs, this sustainable movement has actually advanced beyond its limitation of eco-friendly hardware. As a matter of fact, the

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