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5 Ways to keep cool at home without AC

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5 Ways to keep cool at home without AC

People, who live in tropical countries like Africa, Middle East, Southern part of Asia, summer is a season of suffering for them. When summer is just around the corner, it means the level of mercury will start jumping up, featuring insufferable heat and scorching sun which will become the major obstacle in leading a normal life. Along with the external atmosphere, the temperature inside the home too becomes heated. As a result, it even becomes difficult to stay at home. On the other hand, such high temperatures can reduce the energy level. If you live in a tropical country, you too may face similar situation. You may also become tired easily in spite of not doing much work. If you want to save your energy during summer then you must try to keep your house cool. But affording an A.C is not possible for everyone. Moreover, those who suffer fro asthma and bronchial problems are also advised not to sleep in an air conditioned too. Thus, this article can provide you some basic environmental friendly techniques that will help to keep your home cool without using any air conditioner.

1. Try to drive out hot air from your home

Expelling hot air

The basic principal of keep your house cool is that you must try to drive out hot air from your house and encourage circulation of cool air. For this purpose you need to protect your house from direct sunlight . During the day time keep windows and doors closed and thickly curtained, specially the windows, balcony and doors at the southern and western side of your home. You should open the window wide at night so that cool air can come in. You can also use some plastic sheets or bamboo shades over your windows and door sides so that they can protect your home from direct sunlight.

2. Avoid having glass window

Stained glass window

You must try to avoid clear glass windows in your house. You can use designed fiber sheets instead. Clear glass makes the sunlight converge and enter the house with greater intensity, creating a green house effect. But fiber sheets can cut down the intensity of sunlight. But, if you prefer to use glass panes, then you must try to use white or light colored glasses which reflect the sun light back instead of absorbing. You can also apply reflective stickers on your windows which can cut down the sunlight.

3. Use fan for maintaining the cool atmosphere of your home

Room with ceiling fan

Moving air is cooler than still and stagnant air. That is why, you must use fan for setting the air inside your house in motion. You can also use exhaust fan for driving out hot air from your house. You can also place a fan over window at night. This can help to bring in more gushes of cool air from outside. Ceiling fan can also help you to circulate air inside your house. Generally two types of ceiling fans are available in the market. One works to pull air up and the other to push air down. When you install the ceiling fan, make sure that the fan blows air down.

4. Avoid things that generated heat

CFL lamps.

You must try to avoid those things in summer that generate heat, such as electric heater, filament bulb, electric iron, etc. Such things can heat up the air inside the house. You can use tube light or CFL light for your home in place of filament bulbs. These CFL lamps generate lesser heat but more light. When you do not require light in your room, you must turn off the lights so that the temperature inside your room drops.

5. Maintain proper ventilation

Well ventilated room

Proper ventilation can help to expel out hot air from your room and keep the room cool. Thus, you must take special attention towards the ventilation in your room and healthy air circulation If you find that the process of ventilation is not working properly then you must restructure the ventilation process.

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