Seven green tips for an eco friendly date

Eco friendly date

With every passing day, people are getting aware of the fact that our nature is in great danger because of our own deeds, and if we don’t change ourselves now, there will be no point of return in future. We need to incorporate many changes in our lifestyle. There are many things which we can follow to make this world green. So, why not administer these tips even when we are on a date, also some changes are not going to hurt. In fact, you’ll get an opportunity to stand out of the ordinary. Here are some green tips for your eco friendly date.

1. Prefer walking over driving

Walking is perhaps the best thing that you can do make your date to be eco friendly. If you are going for a date then it’s quite likely that you have to reach a particular destination. So we will suggest you that instead of driving, it will be much better if you just walk to your next date. It is not that you are only helping the nature and environment by walking; you are also helping yourself and that too in many ways. This way less carbon emissions will be released in air, also you’ll be able to burn some of your calories. And above all, you’ll even save some of your hard earned money (we are not saying that money is a big issue for you when it comes to your date, but also it doesn’t hurts to save some bucks).

2. GPS is much better than paper maps

But walking cannot always be logical, especially in cases when you have planned something special for your date. For instance, you might want to have your date at a place which is completely new for you and you have never been there. In that case you’ll certainly want to have the directions for reaching that place with you. The first thing that will come into your mind is to have a printed set of directions. We will say why to waste paper when you have technologies such as GPS at your disposal. This way you can save papers which will eventually lead to fewer trees coming down. You can even e-mail yourself the directions with the help of the web direction sites.

3. Location for the date

Most of the people will prefer to take their date to some posh restaurant in the town, but we will suggest you to try something else, such as go on a bike ride, hiking or swimming in the local lake. In other words, your outing must involve something that requires fresh air and outdoors. Your date will certainly enjoy this; also you’ll get an opportunity to be in a close proximity with your mother nature.

4. Eco friendly gifts

If you are going on a date then you may even like take a gift with you. Have a look at some of the gifts which are eco friendly. Gift a small plant your date or you can even save a tree in his name. Giving a donation to his favorite charity is certainly going to amaze him and he’s certainly going to love you for taking part in his interests. However, if you are in the favor of gifting something which your date can have with him, then try those products which are made of recycled materials.

5. Decorating your home

Many people even prefer to have an at-home date rather than going at some fancy place, they are even right in their approach as nothing could match the comforts of your own home. However, you need to make some special arrangements for this occasion; here we are talking about decorating your home. So, here’s the trick, instead of using all those artificial stuff for decorating your house, use fresh cut flowers from your garden. Walk to your local store and purchase some organic wine, dessert from your favorite bakery will do well. This way you are even supporting your local economy.

6. Use actual things instead of plastic stuff

If you decided to have your date at your home then there is certainly one thing that you can do to help the nature. In at-home dates, most of the people prefer to cook up a meal by themselves. So, when it comes to serving the meal, use actual plates and glasses instead of the plastic stuff as you have to dispose off these plastic products once they have been used.

7. Garden date

Have you ever heard of this term, we doubt that because we invented this term right here in front of you. Spend some time with your date in your garden, simply get out and get dirty. You are certainly going to enjoy this quality time, especially if the weather is nicer such as the spring and summer. You can start a small vegetable garden or start a herb garden in fall or winter.

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