20 Simple ways to conserve water

save water in and around your house

Very few of us our aware of the fact that water reserves of the earth. While the supply being finite, we use, or rather waste it infinitely. Water is inevitable for our survival. We need water not only for drinking and cleaning but also for manufacturing, agriculture and other household activities. It is high time that we should stop wasting water and conserve it for our lives to sustain and for our future generations.

Not just the technicians, soil scientists, farmers, hydrologists, wild life managers and other professions but every individual should also realize the importance of conserving energy and water in every form. By saving and reducing the usage of water and recycling waste water, we can do our bit to save the mother earth and also ourselves.

20 simple ways to save and conserve water are suggested below:

1. Water conservation in and around the house:

Do not keep the tap open while washing hands, brushing our teeth and while bathing. Every drop of ‘water saved’ is ‘life saved’.

2. Do not bath for too long:

If a person shortens his every day shower time by a minute, he can save 150 gallons of water per month. Using a bucket while bathing instead of a shower can also do the needful.

3. Re-use your towel while staying in a hotel:

While putting up in a hotel you can do your bit by opting to reuse your towel even the next day and save gallons of water in turn.

4. Recycling waste water:

Recycle waste water by bathing your pets in the lawn and washing your cars in the garden area and water the respective areas at the same time. This will serve to purposes therein and save a lot of water.

5. Water your plants when required:

Water your plants only when they need it. Excessiveness is never good, it might kill your plants.

6. Use dustbin instead of flushing the waste:

You should always throw used tissue papers in the bin rather than flushing them. This activity can save water in gallons.

7. Smart thinking saves water smartly:

Do not throw an ice cube or any water left out anywhere in the wash basin, use it for your house plants instead.

8. Channelizing waste water to landscapes:

For automatic water saving, you can channelize water from rain gutters and HVAC systems to a place where the water loving plants are grown.

9. Insulating your faucets:

Your faucets should be insulated with hot water pipes to ensure immediate supply of the same to the tips, thereby saving both water and energy. Also, installing water saving aerators on all your faucets can also serve the needful.

10. Group bathing:

A very simple and easy way to save water in your everyday routine is by bathing your siblings of the same age group together. You unrealistically save a lot of water without putting in any extra effort.

11. Use Eco-friendly toys which use less water:

Avoid using toys which involve the usage of constant flow of water like recreational water toys. Educate and encourage your children to use water-friendly toys.

12. Carefully handling your gadgets saves a lot of water:

You can save 1000 gallons of water just by being a little precautious in running your washing machines, be it for clothes or utensils.

13. Installing leak detection units:

You should get leak detection units installed in your pipe fittings in the bathroom to monitor and control any water lost in the form of leaks and drips.

14. Your duties at the work front to save water:

Even at office fronts, you can play your part as a water conservationist by keeping the maintenance personnel. Beware of any leakage or drip in the toilets of your department. Hold discussions with your colleagues and raise consciousness in people regarding saving of water. It will be fruitful.

15. Using water saving products to conserve water:

These days many water saving products are available in the market to support and induce consciousness in consumers to save water at home. Evolve shower heads and waterless urinals are some of them in this list.

16. Be smart while working in the kitchen:

Start using a compost pile to dispose off your kitchen waste rather than an electric one. Don’t leave the faucet open, while washing dishes under the tap .

17. Refrigerating drinking water:

For drinking water, keep a pitcher in the refrigerator to cool rather than using running tap water to cool it off. Anyny leftover water should be used for your plants rather than throwing it in the sink.

18. Conserving water in outdoors:

Water your lawn or garden in the cool parts of the day, especially in the morning or evening hours and not in the day time to conserve water. Avoid watering on windy days when most of the water gets drifted away by the blowing wind.

19. Use sprinklers for plants wisely:

While watering your lawn you should always adjust the sprinklers so that you do not waste water unnecessarily by watering the house, sidewalk and street. However, smaller areas should be watered by hand and not by sprinklers to avoid wastage.

20. Creating awareness amongst people of your area:

Educating people on conserving water can be a boon and this can be done if you take an extra effort to induce your school systems and local government to teach children and adults by holding seminars and other programmes for the same.

Water Conservation is much needed and it is high time we all should wake up and contribute towards saving the most inevitable element of our lives.

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