Eco-friendly tents and other useful gadgets for sustainable campers

Eco-friendly tents

It is ironical that while camping takes us closer to nature, it also takes nature closer to the pollution and dumping that exists in human settlements! It is vital that we enjoy and learn from nature without disturbing and spoiling the pristine glory. That is where the idea of using ‘green’ tents and ‘green’ camping methods become important. We can get more environment friendly by replacing the synthetic tents with eco-friendly tents. Here are 5 eco-friendly tents for your camping needs.

1. 2 pass Camping tent by Big Agnes Lynx

If you are planning to go camping, it would definitely be a good idea to pack all your supplies. A better idea would be to pack your home itself and carry it on your back! That is exactly the kind of freedom and comfort that the Big Agnes Lynx tent provides for the frequent traveler. A backpacking tent that is freestanding has been made from durable nylon along with polyester rip stop to ensure a warm, dry and bug free living outdoors. With its DAC lightweight pole system with lightweight hubs and press fit connectors the tent is extremely portable. It features eco friendly anodizing which ups its green value. The other features like an extra large oval door, storm flaps on the vestibule style door zippers, interior mesh pockets, gear loft loops and a reflective guyline along with stakeouts make the tent a real attractive buy for $199.95.

2. Orange solar concept tent

Tents are definitely the best way to have a minimal carbon footprint when you go camping. But perfection is something that lies in small things though it is not a small thing itself. That is the motto by which Orange seems to have manufactured its wonderful tents. Anyone will be floored by the looks of the tent at first glance itself. What really makes it wonderful is the thought that the whole tent has been made from a special photo voltaic fabric! This will ensure that all the power needs of your gadgets can be manufactured in the ‘green’ way. And the charging happens via a Wi Fi enabled panel which incorporates magnetic induction to transmit power to the charging points! The modern tent has also been fitted with what has been touted as ‘Glocation’. Using RFID or a simple sms, the tent lights up when the camper gets close to it. Now, that is something to ensure that you are not lost in the woods!

Since the tent is still in the concept stage, we are not yet sure of the price.

3. ‘Cool’ desert tent from deserted plastics

There are times when durability becomes a problem too! That is what has happened in the case of PVC which is commonly used in making pipes, joints, covers and literally anything and everything. PVC has an average life cycle of 34 years after which it is not needed. Since recycling it is very difficult, more than 98 percent of the world’s PVC ends up in landfills. An elegant solution for that is the Green Tent.

It was designed to meet the need for a sustainable mobile shelter in the Mojave Desert. Thus, the tent had to be light, cool and durable. PVC pipes of various sizes were stacked to construct the walls of the tent. These pipes don multiple functions of windows, ventilators and racks for storage. Big pipes can also serve as sitting spots within the tent. And here, PVC’s durability becomes a boon against the harsh desert conditions.

4. Woods solar powered EZ Tent with LED lighting

Perfect for a family expedition, the Solar Tent can easily accommodate 4 adults or 6 adults within it, depending on the size you order. The tent has been designed with solar panels on top that power the LED lights within. A complete charge, which needs 4-6 hours in direct light or 8-10 hours in indirect light, can power the lights for up to 4 hours. And these lights can be set to come on automatically once the natural light goes down. Definitely a ‘bright spot’ in any camp! In addition, the tent can be easily assembled in very little time.

There is a LED rope that runs along the tent with a central light which can also be separated and used as a flashlight. The solar panel can be easily separated and stored in a special case that comes along. It can also be used to independently charge batteries and other appliances also. The tent is available for purchase at $229.99 (4 Persons) or $279.99 (6 Persons).

5. Cool sun tents that power bicycles too

The air conditioners occupy the top position in the energy consumption pyramid. Just imagine running them on solar energy? That is exactly what the Sun Tent has achieved in the blazing hot deserts. The dry desert air is utilized to evaporate water and this humid and cool air is then blown into the tent via fans. The fans run completely on solar energy. That is a ‘cool’ tent that will be a ‘hot’ seller!

New Sun productions have creatively marketed their tent as oases during grueling cycle races in the deserts. As the wheels are re fitted and serviced, the rider can enjoy a few minutes of the much needed rest. The tent provides 54 square meters of living space and measures 9 x 6 feet. The tent, panels and the cooling unit can be neatly bundled into two packages with a combined weight of about 140 pounds.

Plans are afoot to develop a package that can act as a trailer for the bicycle. The panels will provide energy to power the fan via a DC motor in order to provide thrust to the bicycle too! Such a Generation Next Sun tent will be available for $5000.

Some other sustainable gadgets for eco-conscious campers

Camping is a refreshing change from the grind of our daily lives. It gets us closer to nature and shows us facets and aspects that we were previously unaware of. All you require to start your green camping is the company of a few eco-friendly gadgets that won’t only help you enjoy your camping to the fullest with convenience at its best, but will also ensure that you indeed are falling light on your surroundings. Therefore, to help you settle upon which accessories you need to carry to your trip, we have plunked down some green gadgets for your green camping that should enable you to have an experience never felt before.

1: Oasis Solar Rechargeable Lantern

OasisPrice: $99.99

Manufacturer: Oasis

You may have glanced through several interesting looking lanterns but the uniquely designed Oasis Solar Rechargeable Lantern could add high usability to your camping trip. Imbued with premium components and stainless-steel construction, the solar-powered lantern integrates support for solar panels that can be seamlessly folded open – enabling users to accommodate it into the lamp’s topmost part. Besides being an efficient, long lasting LED light source, the rechargeable lantern features the capacity to run for up to twelve hours. However, if you are camping at the place where there’s no solar availability, you could rely on the battery options and AC adapter.

2: Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio

Self-Powered AMPrice: $28.04

Manufacturer: Microlink

Another green gadget that should be included in your stockpile is the self-powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio. Enclosed in a compact design, the ultra portable has been designed to keep your journey engrossed with euphonious tunes. Interestingly, one can also stay updated through NOAA weather – all seven channels. The neat device also features a built-in hand crank power generator, a cell phone charger and a 3 white LED light source. Not to forget, you’ll also find an earphone jack of 3.5mm socket.

3: Table Top Fireplace

Table-Top-Fireplace-Price: $419

Manufacturer: Carl Mertens

If you are camping around or are amidst of some dark shaded area or if the evening has dawned upon, then you might require a medium that lights up the environment for you to know what’s happening around. The amazing yet highly usable Table Top Fireplace from Carl Mertens makes an incredible green gadget for any day camping purpose. An eye-catching miniature fireplace incorporates a slate base and benefits from the Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil – which of course you would be required to carry separately. The table top fireplace also creates a beautiful focal point for your table through two stainless steel logs and its ability to render warmth and light.

4: iTouchless

iTouchlessPrice: $29.95

Manufacturer: iTouchless

Don’t be mistaken by assuming it to be a product from Apple. However, this one too stands distinguished for its quality and purpose. Perfect for users who ever searched for a flashlight during a power outage in the darkness, the new iTouchless Flashlight DLX comes handy when you have run out of those batteries. The waterproof device makes camping simply great by requiring no bulbs and no batteries. Users can simply shake the innovative device for about 60 seconds and have up to 100 minutes of continuous bright light. It also comes with separated double super coils that furthermore help campers have stronger and faster charge with every shake.

5: Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder

Super 99 Solar GPS Travel RecorderPrice: $119

Manufacturer: QSTARZ

Last but not the least, the Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder from QSTARZ should wrap up your list of green gadgets for green camping. The portable solar travel-recorder lends support to multi-mode setting which allows users to conveniently record data. By taking advantage of the variant, users can even log up to 200,000 records and tag their favorite pictures with GPS data. Not only this, the ability to share pictures with other friends by the virtue of Google Earth has been added as well. The company has further infused a strong built-in solar panel and Li-ion battery for it to stay conscious for about 48 hours.

6. The Light cap 300

The-Light-cap-300The product is newly developed and innovative gadget. It is a combination of water bottle and solar powered LED lantern. You can store water in the bottle and keep sensitive documents in the water light container. Every camper should have such gadget.

7. E-Powerless Fridge

One great inventor had discovered this eco-friendly product. This gadget is simple to use and have great functions to operate. Fill the sand in the small pad and keep the smaller pad in the slightly larger one. Cover it with damp cloth. When water evaporation takes place, it will draw heat out and cool the inside. You can use this gadget when you are camping without the heavy ice.

8. The Freeloader Globetrotter Kit

The Freeloader Globetrotter KitThis kit is the collection of the supplies of necessary equipments. It is designed to carry the devices which are portable electronics. The kit has one freeloader that charges the electronic items. It charges GPS locator and Mp3 players. The kit comes with weatherproof solar panel and a super charger to attach to the backpack or bike rack whichever is convenient to use with freeloader.

9. Solar Powered Tent

Solar Powered TentThis is another eco-friendly product, which is best suited for campers. The tent comes with integrated interior LEDs and solar panel. The panels have the facility to charge the batteries. At least 4-6 hours of direct light is enough to provide 2-4 hours tent light. This tent comes in two-capacity versions – one is designed for 4 persons and other one for 6.

10. Solar Pocket Shower

Solar Pocket ShowerThis device heats up water with the sun’s energy. The gadget consists of portable bag with a plastic nozzle which holds up to ten liters of water. Fill it with the water and rest of the work will happen in quick time. The holding capacity should be at least 7 minutes of shower time.

11. Eva GPS

Eva GPSEva GPS is the great concept using solar energy. This gadget helps you to reach the destination without any problem. The gadget also has a built-in camera, which help to display all the information of the routes which can be convenient and safe for you. It also records the destination you visit the most. It displays the details in short time.

12. The Greeky Lights

The Greeky Lights are one of the great creative objects available at affordable cost. This light is operated with the help of natural sunlight which comes from fabric optics. Along with this you also get a collector dish.

13. The Eye Max Wind-Up Solar Powered Radio

The Eye Max Wind-Up Solar Powered RadioThis gadget comes with LED torch light. It also features radio powered by the solar panel and wind up wind. Only thirty seconds of wind-up can give thirty-five minutes of listening time. The torch also provides a powerful light with long battery life.

14. Eco-friendly Watches

Eco-friendly WatchesImage Source :

These watches are biodegradable which you get at an affordable cost. It can be a great way to go green. The watch is boasted up with 80-93 percent biodegradability. Sprout watches are very well know in this eco-friendly product featuring mineral crystals and mercury-free batteries.

15. Solar Panel Sun Glasses

Solar Panel Sun GlassesImage Source :

These glasses trap the solar energy. It then converts the energy to power the small devices through power jack. Campers must have such useful sunglasses. These sunglasses stop solar glare and generate renewable energy, which can be transferred to your favorite gadget with ease.

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