Eco Living Guide

7 things global warming will change

The landscape of the earth swaps in every million or so years. In the past, this prodigious transformation has occurred rather lazily, but now a hurricane seems to have impregnated the deep silences of change and put them in a frenzy. The gossamer stories

5 unusual eco friendly inventions

It is not always easy to vividly demark the boundary
between what is conventional and what is unconventional. At times conventional
techniques can become the fountainhead for an unconventional innovation and
vice versa. Be it nations or enterprises, all h

5 simple ways to reduce indoor air pollution

According to research, it is said that most of the air which we inhale is already polluted. As compared to outdoor pollution, indoor pollution is extremely harmful for human body. Even if you over look the airborne hazards, you cannot ignore the fact

10 coolest examples of sustainable luxury

Keeping in mind the pace at which our atmosphere is getting polluted, the rise in population and the degree of consumption of non-renewable sources of energy, it has become very important to opt for renewable sources of energy. Alternate power source for

7 Green living facts you’ll love to know about

If you are one of those people who want to live green and have made the decision to help the environment but are unaware how to go about it, here’s the good news. There are many shocking and appalling facts that will make you realize how pathetic our envi

How to calculate your carbon footprint

The project Using fossil fuels and electric appliances creates carbon emissions. Using refrigeration agents produces carbonized waste gases. Certain industries like small scale industries do open-air combustion activities. Combustion creates carbon mon

11 Eco friendly showers for a green bathing experience

Water is fast becoming a sought after resource. Summers aggravate the situation. We tend to take a bath more frequently and consume more water while bathing during summers. The need of the hour is to curtail every possible misuse of water that we tend to

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