7 Green living facts you’ll love to know about

Green living Facts

If you are one of those people who want to live green and have made the decision to help the environment but are unaware how to go about it, here’s the good news. There are many shocking and appalling facts that will make you realize how pathetic our environment has become and how we ourselves are degrading it further . So read on to know some awful facts about the environment and see where all we can avoid going wrong.

1. How many matchsticks do you burn per day?

Research showed that in 2008 that the energy consumption of the United Stated was 99 Quadrillion Btus (British thermal units). This single unit of energy equals the amount of energy produced by burning one match stick. These sources from which energy is derived is mainly coal, natural gas and oil. So this figure, which portrays the United state’s annual energy consumption, comes upto a shocking figure of 99,000,000,000,000,000 matches. So on an average there are 271 trillion matches burnt each day which if further specified comes upto almost 1 million matches burnt per person daily!

2. Use CFL, not the bulb

Studies by the government show that if you replace a 100 watt incandescent bulb with a single 24 watt CFL(compact fluorescent lamp), the gasoline equivalent of the energy saved will be sufficient to drive a car from San Francisco to New York. This will further prevent the emission of 800 pounds of carbon dioxide as well.

3.Save electricity, don’t buy a computer!

It is shocking to know that the energy which consumer electronics like mobile phones, computers etc need for manufacturing is much more than its operation. As a matter of fact a computer consumes 81% of its energy from its manufacture only and only 19% from its operation. Honestly the computer on which we all work takes more energy that it was required to make it. Moreover manufacturing a computer uses 42,000 gallons of water. So save electricity and turn off your appliances when not in use.

4.Cold instead of hot to wash clothes!

An interesting observation is that if the whole of United states instead of washing their clothes with hot water starts washing them with cold, the amount of energy saved annually will equal 3 billion USD! And also this practice will cut down carbon dioxide emissions by 1 full percent.

5.Save electricity, save money

A major reason which costs consumers around $ 5 Billion annually is loss of a home’s heating and cooling energy. The main cause of this approximate 15% to 30% loss is poor selaed duct work.

There are many practices which help in not only saving around $2,000 annually but also 30,000 lbs of annual Co2 emissions. Many of them include simple steps like keeping your household safe from toxic chemicals present in everyday goods, utilizing your water heater optimally etc.

6. Be sustainable without giving up anything

Sustainable development doesn’t mean sacrificing on your needs and essentials, but rather concentrating more on needs instead of wants. It teaches us to stop using extra resources and disciplines us to limit our consumption. This can be done by doing some daily steps like buying earth friendly products, optiong for pre-owned items like cars, homes etc. This saves manufacturing and delivery resources. We can also achieve a much more cleaner earth by conserving energy at home and recycling and reusing products.

7. Hop in your friend’s car to save the environment

It is a known fact that exhaust released from the cars and automobiles is highly toxic which greatly contributes to air pollution and global warming. Hence the best way to prevent this is to to limit driving as much as possible. Walking, or riding a bicycle is not just good for the environment but is a great way to stay fit too. Taking public transport or car pooling further cuts down on carbon emissions. Moreover this is even cheaper and affordable as compared to owning a vehicle

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