Go green with an ecofriendly Ganesh festive and decoration ideas this year


Strong rooted traditions, rich cultural significance, mouth-watering festive delicacies, and beautiful traditional home decorations. These are the first things that come to our minds when we hear about Indian festivals. India is a country that is a mixed pot of various festivals. Each festival has its own importance and significance. Throughout the year, there is always something to look out for. Ganesh Chaturti is one such festival that holds a lot of importance. Each state has its own way of celebrating Ganesh Utsav (festive season). This year, if you are planning to get the most loved God to your home, then why not go green this festive with eco friendly idols. Let us look at the different ways you can have an ecofriendly Ganesh festival.

Make idols from clay or mud

Ganesha idol in hand made of clay

A perfect way to start your preparations for the Ganapathi festive season this year is to make the idol from clay or mud. Over the years, the materials that are used for making the idols have been creating a major impact on the Indian soil. POP AKA Plaster of Paris is known to be one of the cheapest materials available; however, it does have a negative impact on the environment. This is because this material does not dissolve easily in water. If you plan to have an ecofriendly festive season, then opting for materials like clay, mud etc would be a better choice.

Creating lamps from ecofriendly recycled materials

Another beautiful way to go green this season is to create lamps and lighting options from eco friendly materials. You can consider making lamps at home instead of buying them from outside. This will also be a perfect way to get the kids involved in the festive preparations as well as in contributing towards the safety of the environment. One such idea would be to create ecofriendly lamps from plastic bottles caps. This lamp can be the main decoration for the mundap or space where you plan to place the Ganesh idol.

Recycled products for home decoration


Just like another festival in India, even during Ganesh Chaturti, it is natural to decorate your homes. Well now, you can consider buying or making home decorations made from various recycled products like paper, plastic etc. These are not just budget friendly; however, they are also ecofriendly. Many Indian companies even contribute a certain portion of the revenue generated for various charity causes and campaigns. When you decorate your home with ecofriendly and recycled products, you are actually making a difference in one way or the other.

Use ecofriendly paint

If you are planning to get your house painted and/or working on making your own idol, then using ecofriendly paints would be a good idea. These are not just good for the environment; however, they are better than the regular paints even for your health. Since you are planning to go green this festive with eco friendly idols and decorations, you can consider decor friendly craft materials to make your decorations at home.

Multipurpose lamps and lights


Using lamps and lights are a part of any Indian festivals. You can use various materials such as plastics, paper, craft materials etc. to make lamps and lights at home. There are many DIY ideas and how to tutorials that you can refer to choose the type of lighting decorations you want for your house. You can create ecofriendly lamps with plastic bottles by cutting them into various shapes and putting small lights in them. If you plan to burn oil lamps, then you can consider using a small mud lamp, that you can paint on your own.

If you turn the clock back in time, you will understand that earlier people used to make their own decorations and idols using natural materials. This was the authentic way of celebrating any festival. Well now, instead of getting new stuff from the market, you can easily decorate your home with ecofriendly and recycled products. This will also be a perfect way to get the family involved in it. You will be able to spend time with your children and get them to learn more about the Indian culture and traditions. These decorations would be more valuable than ones you buy from the outside since your kids have made them with their own hands.

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