Ecofriendly home renovation options with Eucalyptus flooring


We all know the various health benefits of the Eucalyptus tree, while it has many medicated properties; another good thing about this tree is that the wood is also used for flooring purposes. A lot of homes that are going green are also turning to this option of flooring materials due to the various benefits it offers.

Eucalyptus flooring is a trend that is catching up. In the list of eco friendly materials and options for homes and commercial places, this type of flooring is the latest craze that has caught the attention of consumers. Big brands and manufacturing companies offer a variety of designs and finishes of Eucalyptus flooring based on the demands of the consumers. Let us have a look at a few of the benefits of such flooring.


This flooring has some really eco friendly benefits. The appearance of the eucalyptus flooring gives it a tropical mahogany look. In the natural environment, the tree is fast growing and harvests in 14 years. During this time, the growth of the tree is around 120 feet in height and 14 “in diameter. The renewability of the flooring material also depends on the thickness of the wooden planks.


The reason why Eucalyptus flooring makes a perfect choice as a flooring material is that it is resistant to dents and is very tough. In comparison to the Northern red oak, the floors made from Eucalyptus wood are 20% harder. If you look at the degrading properties of this type of flooring, then in comparison to Oak wood, Eucalyptus floors have a lesser tendency to degrade. The durability of this wood is dependent on the raw materials that are used.


We all know that hardwood floors are expensive; however, this is not the case with Eucalyptus flooring. This wood is not only eco friendly but also budget friendly. This is one of the main reasons why this is a perfect option for those who have a budget. Normally, the price range per square feet is between $3-$5, but there can be a variation in the price depending on the brand, manufacturing process and species of the original eucalyptus wood.

Some other factors why this flooring material is a good choice

Patterns and colors

The best thing about such flooring materials is that it is available in different patterns and colors. Some of them have the natural look, and thanks to various manufacturing techniques and practices, you can easily get different finishes and colors. This is another reason why you can consider installing this type of flooring in your house.

Strand woven flooring material

The strand woven technology is a special technology used for the manufacturing of the strand woven flooring material. This technology is also used for the manufacturing of other wooden flooring materials including the ones made from bamboo. These type of flooring materials are durable and extremely dense.

The different qualities of Eucalyptus flooring

Just like any other hardwood flooring, even the Eucalyptus flooring comes in various qualities. This depends on their manufacturing process, types of raw materials used and the thickness and hardness of each plank produced. Some of these flooring materials are manufactured naturally while some of them can have harmful chemicals. While choosing the material for your flooring, make sure you get to know if the manufacturing process included the use of chemicals or not.

The installation process of Eucalyptus flooring

The installation process of this kind of flooring is very similar to any other hardwood flooring materials. There are three methods that are used for the installation. The first being the click-lock method, the second is the nail down method and last is the glue down material method.

Maintenance factor of Eucalyptus flooring materials

One good thing about Eucalyptus flooring is that you can maintain it easily. This type of floors do not need wet mopping and waxing. All you have to do is to dust the floor with a mop and you are done. Another factor that you should keep in mind is when you are shifting something heavy. At that time you should make sure that you lift it up and not pull it across. To prevent the marks of the furniture legs, place protective pads on the floors so that it is safe.

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