Businesses can reduce carbon footprints

Businesses can reduce carbon footprints

Businesses usually have a high carbon footprint due to the use of machines and outdated HVACs systems and non-digital technology. There are a various ways where businesses can minimize their carbon footprint. Some businesses go green by overhauling their old, outdated workplaces and putting in place eco friendly systems and processes, others which cannot make expensive changes can reduce their carbon footprint by making small but effective changes. Installing solar panels is an expensive solution, but changing the lights to LEDs and CFLs is a simple, inexpensive green solution. Read on to find out how your business can reduce its carbon footprints:

Change your mode of travel

air travel

Most businesses require their employees to travel for work. Air travel increases your company’s carbon footprint, as aeroplanes emit greenhouse gases. To reduce carbon footprints of your business, you can travel by plane wherever and whenever possible, and reduce your air travel.

Evaluating your carbon consumption

Evaluating your company’s current emission of greenhouse gases can help you work out a strategy to find some effective green business solutions. An expert on emissions or your office manager can review your carbon footprint.

Upgrade your office’s energy systems


If you choose, you can replace your heating and cooling systems which are more energy efficient and release less emissions. Or you can put in heavy blinds which would also help to keep your office cool  or warm. Switching to LEDs and CFLs can save money and electricity. Appliances, which have Energy Stars, can be bought to reduce carbon footprints of your business.

Digitise your office processes or use PCW paper

Your office memos etc can be completely digitised, as everybody is connected these days. Whenever you have to take print outs, use post-consumer waste (PCW) paper, which is made out of paper which is thrown out. The process of production of PCW paper is less carbon intensive, and using this paper can reduce your company’s impact on the environment. All the discarded paper in your office should be sent for recycling instead of the landfills.

Unplug devices, computers, appliances etc when not in use

Unplug devices

Let it become a common practice among your employees to switch off everything before leaving office and keep your computers and monitors in the energy saving mode. All office lights, microwaves, kettles and printers etc should be switched off at the sockets, to save electricity. Many eco friendly businesses minimize their carbon footprint by practising simple environment processes regularly.

Encourage your employees to eat less meat

Going entirely meat free may be difficult for most people, but you and your employees can at least reduce the consumption of meat, especially lamb and beef. This is because sheep and cows emit methane, a very potent greenhouse gas, which leads to global warming. The most eco friendly diet is the vegan diet, which may make a difference of 20% to the carbon footprint of your business.  You might introduce tasty vegan or vegetarian meals in your office canteen to encourage eco friendly eating habits.

Have work from home option

Have work from home option

Most bosses like their employees working out of office, and most employees would love to work from home! Working from home can reduce carbon footprints of your business, as employees would not have to use any vehicle or public transport to reach office. Electricity consumption of your business would decrease by a great extent, as you won’t have to provide heating, cooling and electricity for computers, thus saving energy and money. Your company can have work from home option for at least one day a week, to begin with.

Use biodegradable floor and counter cleaners

Instead of toxic chemical cleaners, which pollute the waterways, using biodegradable floor and counter cleaners can be part of your company’s green business solutions. Your business can contribute to cleaner waterways by using natural cleaning products.

Use alternate energy

Use alternate energy

Your company can buy power which has been produced using eco friendly ways, such as hydro power, wind and geothermal power, bio fuels, or solar power. Green energy may be a little expensive but it is an extremely effective way to reduce your business’s carbon footprints.

Going green can help your company’s bottomline too, as customers are eco conscious and most people prefer to buy products from companies which are eco friendly, not only in manufacturing methods, but also in their workplaces.

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