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Effective designs that can help reduce carbon footprint of your home

by Ecofriend1874

Increasing rate of carbon emission is considered one of the main reasons behind the deterioration of natural environment. All around the world designers are trying to develop more eco-friendly furniture and other home accessories that are eco-friendly in nature. The green accessories can enliven your home and make your living space look great. They can help in cutting down the daily household carbon emissions.

Growing Jewelry_2

Reduction of household carbon emissions can lead to a greener future for our next generations. Homeowners have become more aware of the necessity of buying eco-friendly furniture and they are choosing wisely while shopping furniture and accessories for their home. In the following, you will find five of the unique green designs that you can incorporate in your living space.

PicNYC Table by Haiko Cornelissen

picNYC table

We all love outdoor parties and brunches but cannot always go out. What if the outdoors could come into our living room? Bring home the Picnyc Table designed specifically to accommodate outdoor lovers. The top of this stylish table has a green grass patch. When you keep your food and drinks down on the table, it would seem as if you are lolling on the grass lawn or garden.

Living bath moss mat

Living bath moss mat

Small bathrooms are difficult to decorate tastefully but with the help of some clever green designs, you can make it more eco-friendly. The Living Bath Moss Mat is a green design that is both functional and ornamental. It is covered with a layer of live moss, which is soft for rubbing feet and cleaning them. At the same time, it increases the level of oxygen in your bathroom.

Growing Jewelry_1

Growing Jewelry

If you are fond of plants, you could probably show your love by wearing them. You can now buy Growing Jewelry, which you will be able to wear on your fingers or around your neck. This type of jewelry consists of mini planters inside which plants grow.

Living desk by Nicholas Todd

Living desk

To make indoor planting more fun and decorative, some designers have invented the Living Desk. This type of desks has plants around them below the top where you work. There will be sufficient space for your official documents and devices along with some greenery.

One Pot, Two Lives

One Pot, Two Lives

This is another very innovative design that amalgamates a fish bowl and planter together. On the top portion, the plant can live and below it in the transparent section lives the fish. This looks great inside every room.

The modern green designs can be used in different ways and they are flexible. Most designs have been made keeping in mind the shortage of space and the necessity of green plants in our life.

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