Comprehensive breakthroughs in biofuel production

With fossil fuels depleting fast, research work has been escalated to find new sources of fuel that are green as well. The answers aren’t that difficult to find as several crops have the potential to produce fuel similar to diesel, which can easily repl

Misconceptions about biofuel

Biofuel is the buzzword which embarks the beginning of an era that would see the world go green. We don’t have an option though, as this is the only entity touted to save the world by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and emissions- especially the corn-

Scientists work to complete genetic map of biofuel crop

Scientists in United States and Wales are working together in order to complete the very first genetic map of a biofuel crop named ‘miscanthus’. The plant is capable of growing up to 10 feet high and is native to South Asia and Africa. It is also call

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