Five biofuel powered military vehicles

The blooming advanced technology is looking forward for a renewable source of energy and biofuel is one of the leading choices. Biofuel is considered as one amazing renewable source of energy produced from living organisms, mainly plants or plant derived materials. The huge amount of biomass is converted via three conversion methods- thermal, chemical and biochemical processes, which leads to the production of biofuel. Bioethanol, biodiesel are some examples of biofuels. To overcome the petrol and diesel crisis, biofuel has been introduced as a source of energy to drive vehicles. But that’s not it as now many military vehicles are using the biofuels as the source of energy. Let’s find out which are the biofuels powered military vehicles.


  • US navy has the first supersonic jet F/A-18 Super Hornet which flies on biofuels blend. The supersonic jet was fueled with a 50-50 mixture of green fuel derived from camelina oil and the petroleum based military fuel. Camelina is an inedible plant and the fuel is made by renewable fuel technology process.
  • The world’s biggest fully armored SUV runs using biofuel technology. The size comprises of 7’4 tall, 18’1 long and 8’2 wide, spectacular KNIGHT XV is one big and high power SUV. It has 6.8 liters V10 engine that runs smoothly on Biofuel and is called a green powered fuel, which gives it a comparatively low mileage but its light on nature. The fuel is made out from lots of liquid corn.

L-29 Delfin Advanced Jet Trainer

  • The Aero Vodochody L-29 jet trainer runs completely on 100 percent pure biodiesel. The US based transcontinental flight will eventual go on for a round the world trip. Greenflight International deserves the merit for conducting the 100 percent biofuel powered flight, where the fuel is supplied by Sparks, Nevada based biodiesel solutions. The biodiesel is made from recycled vegetable derived cooking oil.

hh-60h seahawk helicopter

  • US military made it clear that they will be using biofuels as their power sources for running jets but now it is helicopter. US military unveiled the first algal biofuel Seahawk helicopter. A 50-50 algae derived biofuel is mixed with regular military fuel and tested over the helicopter. The Solazyme, Inc. provides the biofuel. The algae based fuel is called as Solajet HRJ-5. It is the first company to provide microbial derived fuels to US navy.
  • After Jets, helicopter and SUV now it’s BioBike as biofuel powered motorbike which uses 2.2 liters per 100 kilometer. A group of students in Alidade, Australia constructed it.

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