Most bizarre ways to prepare bio-fuel

The fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel, that we need every day, cannot be recycled and their sources are limited. Bio fuels are made from biological sources and they can be renewed. They are more environment friendly than diesel and gasoline. Scientists and researchers of every country are trying to find out new ways of producing cost effective and efficient bio fuels. In this article we will discuss some extraordinary ways of producing bio fuels from around the world. Bio fuels will hopefully replace the high priced and environment polluting fossil fuels. Bio fuels will empower the populace as we will be able to produce our own fuel for daily use at a low cost.


Strange Ways of Producing Bio-fuel:

  • The Danish have found how to turn trash into fuel: The Danish company working on the energy industry, Dong Energy has collaborated with Amagerforbrænding, another energy company for harnessing the power of household waste through their REnaissance project. The technology being tried and tested by them can transform household garbage into a semi-fluid that is rich in energy. This fluid can be used for making heat and producing electricity. The in-organic particles are separated for recycling. At present the energy companies are able to process 800 kilos of waste but soon they plan to do more in less time. This technology works by heating up the garbage in high temperature and then cooling it down to mix enzymes with it.
  • Bio-fuel from grass: A plant geneticist of Berkley, George S. Chuck, has experimented with the genes of a type of corn to produce fast growing grass. He has confirmed that he has been able to create a switchgrass variety of plants, containing more starch from Corngrass 1. The high amounts of starch of this new type of switch grass can be transformed into sugar which in turn can create ethanol. The switchgrass created by gene transformation will not require chemical treatments. They will stay young for a longer time.


  • Bio-fuel from Tobacco: New aspects of the health-hazardous tobacco have been discovered in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control shows that tobacco is the reason behind one of five deaths that occur in the US. The team of researchers in Berkeley plan to take microbial fermentation technology further. They are trying to convert the hydrocarbons into energy efficient fuels as substitute of petroleum fuels.
  • From Bug to Bio-fuel: The Ralstonia eutropha, bacteria that lives in soil, has been the subject of experiment of MIT scientists. David Chandler, a MIT writer, has told that if the bacteria don’t get some particular nutrients it will stop growing but produce complex carbon compounds and stores them in their bodies. The team of researchers has also found a way of releasing the carbon compounds in the form isobutanol which will soon start replacing fossil fuels.
  • Bio-fuel from Algae: Sara Volz, a seventeen year old girl, has turned her bed room into a science lab to convert algae into bio fuel. According to her the natural oils that the algae produce can be turned into fuel for driving cars. She has won a scholarship of $100,000 for her ground breaking research works.


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