10 creatively green sheds for earth lovers

The recycled dog shed

Today, with growing awareness about the ever changing environmental conditions, everybody is opting for green solutions. In this context, our standard backyard sheds are also not lagging behind. With the application of some innovative and creative ideas, these ordinary sheds are also going green. Check out this list of some amazingly cool green sheds specially designed for the earth lovers.

1. The Roost

The Roost

The roost is a green shed of about 100 square feet and is constructed from the wood of northern white cedar. This shed has an undulating roof which makes it look more spacious. It also has a cistern in its roof which is used for harvesting rainwater.

2. The Power Shed

The Power Shed

This power shed has been designed by Chip and Clara Boggs. This has been incorporated to bring up a settlement which is located on 365 acres of land in Coquille, Ore, by the initiatives of a local permaculture community. The couple have named this 120 square feet green shed as the Homestead. This shed features 16 solar panels, a bank of batteries, an invert-er, south facing windows and a floor made of concrete. The solar panels can produce about 720 watts of power in full sunlight.

3. Buckminster Fuller’s kind of shed

Buckminster Fuller's kind of shed

This 14 feet geodesic green shed has been designed by Dustin Feider. It features a rainwater harvesting system, solar panels and some attachable grips and holds. This shed can be used for different purposes, for eg., as vertical gardens with different edible plants or place for fitting a hammock etc.

4. The salvaged shack

The salvaged shack

The green shed called the salvaged shack is a wonderful yoga shack specially designed by the sculptor Matt Buttril as an anniversary gift for his loving wife. This shack is made out of salvaged materials like thick insulated foam, classic green-framed windows etc.

5. Eco-Shed


The Eco-shed has been built by James Glave, of British Columbia with the help of Dan Park who works as an architect with Salal Architecture. Glave had to spend $100,000 in order to build this amazing green shed. It features the use of Low-E Hard Coat glass in addition to 4 inches of R20 foam for insulation of the concrete floor, certified lumber, a rainwater harvesting system etc.

6. The Zephyr

The Zephyr

The Zephyr has been designed by Glenn Littleford and is located in Mackay, Australia. This shed is a unique combination of solar energy and wind power. It features a 12-volt battery bank made of four batteries taken from some huge trucks, two deep-cycle batteries, a 600-watt invert-er, workshop radio, garden lights, battery-powered tools, and several other gadgets including a television. Moreover, for rainwater harvesting, it accommodates a 1,300-gallon tank in its roof.

7. The recycled dog shed

The recycled dog shed

This pretty recycled dog shed has been designed by Chelsea Bandy of Texas in association with Taylor Kloss. This shed features 3-Form Ecoresin panel, capiz shells along with a living roof, glass cover and low-VOC turquoise paint

8. Eco-Dome


The Eco-Dome has been built by Paul Robinson of Cumbria, England. This shed can be used as a gym, office, woodworking shop, summer house or storage space. This shed features insulated walls, a 23 feet aluminum shell and has been constructed on a 6-foot timber-stud riser wall.

9. Composting shed

Composting shed

this composting shed has been designed by the architect Nicholas Groves-Raines who works for Groves-Raines Architects, an architect firm in Edinburgh, Scotland. This shed has a roof made of grass and has been made with a ridged steel bar and Corten steel.The steel bars are woven together as a basket for allowing easy passage of air and sunlight into the shed.

10. The Pod

The Pod

The Pod is a prefabricated outdoor studio designed by Chris Sneesby. This green shed is made of curved plywood, fiberglass insulation and a Rockwool-filled cavity.

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