5 Most eco-friendly cases for your iPad


We all love electronic gadgets but it’s very tough for us to protect them from scratches and damages. Nowadays, the slate tablet, iPad comes with a highly featured and extremely thin elegant screen. If we put a protective screen, it can only secure the screen but the case is unprotected. Moreover, if the protective screens are not attached properly, the image quality is impaired. In addition, since most of such protective screens consist of plastic, rubber or leather, they do damage to the environment. So, it is necessary that you switch to something sustainable. Well, why not go for eco-friendly cases for your iPad?

5 – Most eco-friendly cases for your iPad

Thanks to consumerism, everyone has a similar model of the gadget would always be similar. Therefore, to add the pinch of individuality to our gadget, we add accessories to it. Following are the few eco-friendly cases for your iPad which you are eagerly looking for:

1. Bionic iPad case – Charcoal

Bionic iPad Case

Brenthaven, the retail and consumer merchandise from Washington with 30+ years of experience in manufacturing protective bags, has recently revealed eco-friendly bionic iPad cases. However, the moral obligation of Brenthaven is to use eco-friendly materials for their products to save the environment.

In addition, each bionic iPad case is made from one recycled 1.5-liter water bottle in conjunction with bionic yarn, which is durable as nylon and is a product of recycled polyester. Moreover, the design is marvelous with multiple viewing angles and it’s tough enough to come with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it consists of a typing stand for the hassle-free typing and its grip is just awesome.

2. Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case for Apple iPad

Proporta Leather Case

This recycled leather case is designed for Apple iPad and is a product of Proporta, the largest manufacturer of leather cases from Brighton, the U.K. The beauty of this Proporta Smart Recycled Leather case is its handmade design. It is made by 100 percent recycled leather in the outside with a natural hessian woven cloth lining on the inside for more protection.

In addition, the ribbon strap of this case turns it into a stand facilitating you to view in a horizontal or vertical direction. Furthermore, it has a built-in pouch at the inside flap for carrying documents. Moreover, it also does not attract dust like other Apple iPad cases. This case is foldable to a book shape to protect the screen as well as iPad and also helps for easy carrying. A leather strap protects the iPad from all sides and helps to slide the iPad into the case.

3. SUBSTRATA iPad Case


Substrata, an innovative woodwork designer company for modern life, has designed this marvelous iPad case from recycled wood. The hard shell of this case gives support to the iPad for working at multiple angles. Substrata support the poverty & violence-hit nations like Cameroon, Gabon and the Congo or DRC of West Africa by purchasing wood from them. They use recycled packaging materials for shipping also. Being a big consumer of wood, they are causing for cutting the trees, and hence they took moral responsibility to help for reforestation by dedicating some amount.



The ECONUT iPad case is designed by Cho Youg-jo & Jeoung Jun-tae and is made from the fibers of nature’s multipurpose tree i.e. coconut tree. As we know, there are no waste parts in coconut so, the researchers are concentrating on this tree for making eco-friendly cases. Moreover, this eco-friendly case is fold-able and features like a working keyboard. The coconut fiber is environmentally safe and biodegradable. This product is yet to be officially released in the market.

5. Vers Shellcase

Vers iPad Case

These shell cases are manufactured by Vers, an electronics accessories company from Wayland. This marvelous iPad case is made from Bamboo or US hardwood by hand-crafting. It is assembled with a metal foot by which the iPad can be positioned vertically or horizontally and used as keyboard usage. With this metal foot, you can view a movie, write an email by placing it at comfortable angles. It has durable UV and moisture-resistant clear coat for weatherproof. It is a top-loaded design with a snug and protective fit.

6. Plaid Doctrine’s iPad Sleeve Plaid Doctrine’s iPad Sleeve

Plain Doctrine’s iPad Sleeve is the perfect companion for your new iPad which you want to carry everywhere without any difficulty. The sleeve is not only lightweight but its interior is foam-padded. The material of this sleeve has been made with recycled plastic bottles and the lining has been created with ripstop linen. There is also sufficient place for the charger and the headphone. The sleeve is available in chevron print and plaid print.

7. iPad case made with sustainably harvested wood iPad case made with sustainable harvested wood

Substrata have newly launched a new type of iPad case which will keep your favorite tech toy safe from getting scratched. Though made with wood these iPad cases are very flexible and have several levers which let you use the iPad as you wish and keep it in a position most convenient to you. There is no need to use hands and you can use them along with your laptop sitting on a desk or while you are lolling on the bed.

8. Kork iPad case Kork iPad case

Made with cork the Kork iPad case is light weighted and easy to carry around. The price of this iPad case might seem to be a little high at $70 but it will offer longevity, eco-friendliness, and ease of use which makes it a desirable option. The best thing about cork iPad case is that it can be recycled very easily.

9. Dewdrop iPad case Dewdrop iPad case

The funky and stylish iPad covers made by Dewdrop Designs cost just $60 and offer several benefits. These covers have been made by using reclaimed leather offcuts from industries. Natural dyes have been used for coloring these sleeves in bright and vibrant hues. If you are a fashionista who likes to be in style always then get the quilted iPad bag from Reveal. It consists of only vegan-friendly faux leather. The satin used in this iPad bag has been made from recycled plastic bottles.

Final Words

So, considering all these factors, it is good to have a carrying case for iPads for good protection and better portability. The latest innovations in electronic accessories have revealed eco-friendly cases for precious electronic gadgets like iPads. Eco-friendly iPad cases are good for the environment and recharge us with the elimination of boring plastic peripherals. At present, environment protection has become utmost important and researchers are trying to develop this concept in almost all industries.

All the discussed iPad cases are helping nature by reducing the use of plastic and CO2 emissions. So, they are getting popular with the increased concerns about environmental protection. Manufacturers are using innovative designs and unusual materials for making iPad cases. Cork, cloth and reclaimed leather are being used to make flexible, multi-functional and lightweight iPad covers.

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