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Simple and superb ways to lower your home carbon footprint

by Ecofriend1874

We all know that climate change is taking place, which is not good for life on earth. We all also know that we all are the reason for the climate change. To go by the data released by some environmentalists, around 48 percent more carbon dioxide release is taking place all over the world as compared to the year 1992. The data reveals how we human beings are making earth a tougher place to live. However, some awareness has come in, as some people and organizations have come forward to put in efforts and bring down the carbon footprint level.

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People should realize that few people cannot bring down the carbon dioxide emissions rather it requires collective efforts. Everybody must do his or her own bit towards keeping the carbon footprint at bay. We need to move towards sustainable living, which in turn will save the environment and there will be no challenge for human existence. Following are some effective measures that we must take to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and live a healthy life.

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Conserve heat

It is very important to conserve heat in homes, as we spend a great deal of power on our heat consumption. You should put a seal on doors and windows that will prevent air escape from homes. You should cover keyholes, letterboxes, and gaps in skirting boards that account for a major air escape. You should cover them up with a newspaper or can also apply a beading or a sealant. A well insulated home can save large amounts of energy on home heating or cooling systems.

Save Electricity at Home

Conserve electricity

The best and the easiest way to save electricity is to use A-rated electrical appliances. Opt for energy efficient lighting that consumes ten percent less electricity than normal light fittings. Do not make it habit to dry clothes in a dryer, it is always better to put clothes out in the natural light to dry. Make sure you use solar powered lights outside.

Conserving water

Water savings

Make sure that your hot water tank has a thick jacket outside so that you save on heating expenses and bring down the carbon emissions. Fix that dripping tap as soon as possible, and do not forget to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Clean water is a very precious resource, and its supply bodies are shrinking rapidly.

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Save fuel

Using personal conveyance too much not only increases the expenses but leaves carbon footprint as well. Try to keep it minimalistic. Walk when possible, and try to carpool when traveling.


Reducing carbon footprint is not a matter of few people’s involvement; rather it requires a collective effort. Everybody must do his or her own bit, which will certainly lead to a sea change.

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