1970’s vintage Minolta camera turned into iPhone charging dock

Vintage is charming, but not always useful. The story of the 1970’s vintage Minolta camera is also a bit depressing. Once featuring amongst the best cameras; today it is hard to find a film for the antique. But determined to render some of these cameras as useful once again , designer Robert Altieri, turned them into iPhone charging docks. He owns Laboratorio Altieri in Santa Barbara, California and markets the charging docks through this store.

iPhone charger / dock - made from vintage camera

For converting the camera into the USB dock, Robert fixed an iPhone jack in the shutter of the camera and that’s how it will hold the device. A three feet cord connects the USB port to the holder. The retrofitted charging dock is compatible with maximum iOS devices and securely keeps your gadget protected.

The fact that you can get a better quality dock at the same price does not underpin the value of this vintage piece because it is definitely fascinating to place your favorite contemporary device atop an antique dock, merging two divergent eras into one.

The camera dock is priced between $40 and $50. The price will vary depending on how much a pawn shop charges for these. The innovative reuse of the camera without altering its looks and appeal is an innovative idea and serves to inspire us all about how we can creatively reuse old stuff , giving it a new life for a few more years.

Via: Etsy

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