Young students create sculptures out of recycled materials

Creating art out of recycled products is always laudable, but more so when the effort is undertaken by students. It gives us hope that the future may not be so bleak for the planet after all. Such efforts aren’t just about turning old and useless items into pretty objects, it is also about extending the life of products that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill. As we all know, dump sites are becoming increasingly packed with little space for hoarding junk. So it comes as a pleasant surprise to see kids taking the time to turn discarded material into things of beauty. Such an undertaking was witnessed by students of the United State’s Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies, who, under the guidance of their teacher Kim McGuire, created a sculpture walk.

Gretna students create a sculpture walk

The sculptures on display were all made using recycled materials like paper, plastic and other wastes. The innovative project is made even more admirable by the fact that the students involved were of grade 2 to 5. They were given the freedom to think up the project and complete it as per their decision. One sculpture depicts a person sitting with his legs crossed and reading a newspaper. The figure is crafted completely out of clear plastic. Another depicts a sneaker, which seems to be made out of papier-mache, complete with tie up laces and a patterned design. Yet another shows what appears to be an animal, perhaps a horse, made entirely out of scrap paper.

Students and family attended the exhibition which has been lauded by several sectors. No other details have been given about the undertaking, which we’re sure must have made quite an impact.

Teachers appear to be instrumental in helping students take the green path. Gretna No. 2 Academy’s effort will no doubt inspire other school’s to do the same as well.

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