World’s most eco friendly hotels

A luxurious gate away is something that we dream about all the time. When we go for a vacation the two things that we think and plan about most are the accommodation and the transportation. Global pollution has reached such a high level that we need to be very cautious about our carbon footprint or the amount of pollution our lifestyle is causing. To control the global pollution you should opt for hotels that are environment friendly. You can enjoy your holidays without any guilt by staying at the top eco friendly hotels. In this article some of the eco friendly hotels are listed for your help.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa

It is a beautiful holiday gate away where you can stay on your visit to Colorado. Only some few miles from Denver they know how to keep the environment clean very well. They try their best to recycle every used resource to give you more eco friendly yet absolutely comfy service. They took advantage of the landslides and turned the calamities into something substantially useful. The stones for their walls come from landslides. They do not use harmful chemicals for their spa treatments or cleaning the rooms.


The Travelodge

Another great hotel that provides eco friendly service is the Travelodge. Instead of usual construction materials like bricks and cement it is uniquely built with shipping containers. It might sound very weir but this is the very first European hotel to be made this way in only 20 days of time. It is located just a few miles away from London city. The rooms have every modern facility that you are used to and you will not have to compromise on style or luxury.



A tree house has always been a thing of fascination. Now you can spend your holidays on a tree, all thanks to the Treehotel. They not only let you stay on a tree but also accommodate your needs with élan. The combustion toilet system demolishes your excretes and keeps the place clean. The showers are located on a different building and the rooms are limited. There are presently only six rooms but they have plans of expanding it to 24 rooms.

Hotel Alexandra

Located in downtown, Copenhagen, the Hotel Alexandra combines comfort with eco-friendliness. Their services are timely and sincere. They have become a part of Green Key which is an award given to the best eco-friendly hotels across the globe. They are continuously improvising their services to make them more appealing and nature friendly. They also do some charitable work for the children of economically backward countries.


The Dasparkhotel

A brilliant architect, Andreas Strauss, has made this very unconventionally eco-friendly hotel. The intelligent architect has recycled draining pipes for making this hotel. The rooms are very comfortable and have spacious beds and luggage spaces.

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