Best portable solar laptop chargers available in the market

Let’s admit it that we are dependent on technology and cannot live without our tech gadgets for long. Laptops are of vital importance in our life. For serious work and play, we need to carry it with us. If you are someone who has to travel frequently for work or for some other reason you probably have been in a situation where you cannot use your laptop because the battery is low. There are many portable laptop chargers available now days in the market but not all of them are equally efficient. The solar laptop chargers are eco-friendly and help you charge your laptops from any place you are. They turn the sunrays into potential electric energy that can charge multiple gadgets at the same time. In this article we will discuss some of the best solar powered portable laptop chargers available in the market.


High Capacity Solar Charger Battery for PC Laptop

This is a highly capable solar laptop charger that you can easily carry with you at any place you go. In about three hours your laptop will be fully charged. The time will depend on the amount of charge left in your laptop. You can get the solar panels ready and fully charged by placing the device under sunlight for some 8 hours. After it is charged you can travel with it without any worry.

Solar-Gorilla Solar Laptop Charger

Highly compatible and powerful, the solar-Gorilla Solar Laptop Charger is truly user friendly. There are photovoltaic solar panels in it that can produce and store lots of solar power easily and in a short period of time. The two USB sockets of 24 Volt and 5 Volt make it a great travel companion.


Solar Rolls

Though a bit costly at $655, the solar rolls are great for your adventure trips, hiking trips and all sorts of excursions. This charger can be rolled and stashed inside your backpack with ease. Just spread it on a sunny ground and it will get activated. You can charge your laptop fully with this charger. But without sunshine you cannot get your laptop charged. You get this device in various different sizes as per your needs,

The Voltaic Generator

This device truly packs a punch. It can deliver up to 15 watts of energy. A 17 inch laptop can be easily charged inside it. There are battery packs that come with it for keeping energy stored. A day of charging under the sun and you are good to go. It is also water resistant and very light.


Solaris 26

This is an affordable, foldable solar charger that gives you efficient charging with its CIGS technology. It is best for people who love the outdoor life and doesn’t want to carry bulky chargers around.

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