The world’s first cookbook that you can eat

Time and again we all refer to certain recipe books to bring some delicious change into our regular food preparations. Instead of referring to the traditional cookbooks, if you want to do something different then you will surely appreciate this creative cookbook produced by a design studio in Germany called Korefe. It is the world’s first edible cookbook which you can read, cook and also eat.

Edible Cookbook

This book dubbed as “The Real Cookbook” teaches people how to make the traditional lasagna. On each page of this edible book, the directions to make lasagna are written; the only difference lies in the fact, that this book is the most important ingredient of the dish. The directions are put on sheets made of fresh pasta, which are brought together in the shape of a cookbook. As you keep on turning the pages of this book to follow the instructions, you go on adding one layer after the other of pasta into the lasagna. This cookbook in itself plays the most important part in the making of this dish as pasta is the main ingredient required to make mouth watering lasagna.

This cookbook was designed as a special project for the publishing house Gerstenberg. Such projects add fun and excitement to the foodie in our life. I just wish that such a method should be used for other recopies as well, as in the instructions to make a particular dish can be inscribed on slices of bread. While the end product would hopefully be delicious, it will also help in saving a few trees that are cut down to produce cookbooks. Since most of the recopies in cookbooks are seldom tried, such innovations can ensure that you only use what you actually want, and at the end of it all, you eat it too.

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