Woods Bagot weaves in sustainable design into China Southern Airport City

Sustainable design is not just about bringing in and adding new green technology and energy saving measures that are alien to the landscape. Its biggest accomplishment is always to merge in with the existing panorama, to use the local available resources to the hilt and elevate and exploit the on hand green features to the hilt. This along with addition of breakthrough technology and smart design can create a structure that will truly achieve sustainability. The China Southern Airport City was a proposal that would use 400 hectare land for the support of China Southern Airlines.

China Southern Airport City / Woods Bagot

And it is Woods Bagot who has bagged the rights for the project with a design that offers the best of both worlds. The challenge of the project was to integrate two wing-shaped areas that are only connected by a narrow bridge into iconic landscape that will stand out from the surroundings and yet offer all the necessary features and facilities. The vast plan depends heavily on the Liuxi River to add natural beauty, flowing curves and elevate an executive complex, a five-star hotel and a VIP club that are going to cozy up on its banks.

The 400 hectare area will be divided into three main sections that will house the business, manufacturing and residential complexes along with an array of lakes and wetlands, areas which offer a panoramic view of the riverfront and interlaced gardens which form a natural extension to the existing green surroundings. The new wetlands that will be an essential part of the venture should cleanse storm water and help in keeping River Liuxi clean. In short, Woods Bagot wishes to strike a balance between development and sustainability and we will waiting to see how well they pull it off.

Via: Archdaily

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