Bangkok Tree House: An idyllic, vernacular retreat inspired by total sustainability

Some sections of our automotive industry have to find their low emission solutions within an urban scope. However, on the other hand, few eco architectural trends seem to allude to a whole new approach of totally eschewing the cramped conditions of city life. Progressing along these suburban influenced green guidelines, proprietor Joey Tulyanond has developed an idyllic retreat, situated just 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Christened aptly as the ‘Bangkok Tree House’, this sylvan 11 room lodge has it all, starting from vernacular attributes, green technology to naturalistic spatial designs.

Gorgeous New Tree House Hotel in Thailand

Easily approachable by the city’s newly installed BTS Skytrain, the interested guests do have to cover a certain distance in foot or boat, before arriving at their bucolic destination. In fact, the hotel design in itself follows the dictum of total sustainability. This means, every facet of the lodge, ranging from its structure to its utilities is fueled by green technology.

For example, locally available bamboo is the primary construction material, which is deftly supported by discarded juice cartons for insulation, reclaimed timber for walkways and used plastic drums for constituting the pier. The sustainable attributes continue on the user-spatial front, as some special ‘rooms’ provide for a 360 degree view of nature, thus forgoing the need for walls and ceiling. The users can also enjoy free rental bikes to pedal through surrounding fruit orchards, botanical gardens and even 200 year old local temples.

Finally, coming to its green utilities, the Bangkok Tree House has slew of energy efficient features. These include natural purification systems consisting of plants, solar cookers for kitchen, rainwater harvesting components, along with composting techniques for organic waste. And, if all of these aren’t ‘green’ enough for you; the hotel also has its indigenous farm produce consisting of sustainable sea food and vegetables, equally complimented by organic wine.

Via: TreeHugger

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