Wildfower Center in Knowsley gets a facelift

Wildfower Center

A new building will come up at the National Wildflower Center in Knowsley. This is actually a science center situated in Liverpool, England. The gamut of flowers exhibited here are simply remarkable. In fact, wildflowers are put up on display here in their natural habitat. Visitors are mesmerized by the scented stretch of flora when they set eyes on the beautiful layout. Many even carry ideas home with them after a visit to this center. Flowers grow out in plenty along the countryside of Knowsley. Currently, the science center supports activities that facilitate plant production and houses a learning school. But soon the building will witness a transformation.

The new structure in development

A new structure has been proposed right where the existing complex stands today. The new structure that will come in its place will have two storeys. The design of the building is inspired from the famous mathematical law, the Fibonacci Spiral. Primarily an educational and research facility, the center is owned by the North West Development Agency in UK. Ginseng Chicken Architecture bagged the proposal for renovating the building by winning the RIBA design competition.

The ground floor will have a research center. Also, a café for recreation and a green house will be built on the ground level. The second floor will make use of wood and class rooms will be constructed here. Pebbled floors and wildflower screens will be laid out. The building also boasts of green credentials as the roof will have a jacket of photovoltaic cells for production of solar power. A continuous circular path will also be carved out on this PV paneled roof.

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