Why an eco-friendly manicure

The harmless ( or which might seem like) nail polish can contain a lot of harmful toxins which are bad for you as well as the environment. Here’s why you should choose an eco-friendly manicure.


An eco-friendly manicure will-

  • Clean, shape, strengthen dress your nails
  • Address any skin problems you may have around the nails such as broken or sore skin
  • Use hand-massage to stimulate blood flow to improve the health of your skin
  • use only natural oils, creams or waxes to improve the texture of your hands and nails


Natural nail polishes

The usual polishes include chemicals called plasticisers which fix the color onto your nail. These are the same chemicals used for painting cars – which should give you some idea of why you shouldn’t use them in the first place. Additionally, there is also the disturbing part ithat these same chemicals pass through your nail bed also can enter into your blood stream.

It is of utmost importance that people know their options. Many of us might not aware of how harmful these chemicals can be and to what extent. We’re already exposed to so many toxins in our day, so why not use products that would lessen some of that harm or at least cause the least amount of harm. No polish can be completely natural, but there are better options:

  • “3 Free” polishes – water based polish, void of the top 3 offending chemicals
  • “5 Free” polishes – water based polish, void of the top 5 offending chemicals

There is also an easy way to know if a polish is truly water-based. A water-based polish has no smell.


Animal testing

This concept can be tough for a consumer to understand and utilize at times because even though a product may not have been tested on animals, their parent company may have. A lot of famous brands are owned by a larger corporation, who test their formulations on animals’ skin, fur and eyes for allergic reactions.  It is cruel to even fathom that we are willing to let all those poor animals go through all of that just for the sake of a manicure. However, fortunately there are a few brands out there which are completely cruelty-free.

  • Scotch – 3 Free, animal-cruelty free (they also do a Soy Oil-based polish remover which the eco-fashionista is going to love.
    • Priti NCY – 5 Free, animal-cruelty free

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