Cracked mirror gives new look to footwear

You all must have heard about the various accidents that occur from breaking of mirrors. It often comes as a curse to people who might have never even dreamt of using these broken pieces of glass to decorate their pair of worn out shoes to give them a completely different and magnificent look. Andrea Kiliany Thatcher ame up with this innovative thought which got insight from ”Cracked Twice” Mirror shoes from Etsy seller ‘Shoes for Queens’.

cracked mirror shoes

Andrea with the help of her dexterous friend Courtney implemented her idea and created these cracked mirror shoes which became a precious treasure for her. The only things required to make them are broken pieces of glass, some sandpaper, a piece of cardboard and some glue. She bought mirrors from a craft store in US, though you can also get broken pieces of glass from a frame shop if you can lay your hands on them. Then after removing the sticker off the mirror she covered them with a towel and crushed them into infinite small pieces, to start with she used a sandpaper to roughen the surface of the shoe. With a piece of cardboard she spread the glue over the shoe and then placed mirrors one after the other and finally a beautiful and shining pair of party wear shoes were ready.

If you are considering this to be your next DIY project, it is suggested to make use of worn out shoes instead of a new pair and also make sure that you put on thick rubber gloves to avoid cuts from these sharp pieces. Place the mirrors in such a manner that there are no sharp edges coming out which can hurt your feet.

Via: Catwalkqueen

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